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CIRMMT Student Symposium 2013 - List of Presenters

The CIRMMT Student Symposium takes place annually, on the day of our General Assembly. Students present their recent work in the form of oral presentations, poster presentations, demos or performances. Proposals are chosen by the Student Executive Committee in order to present a broad picture of CIRMMT research, from musical compositions to computational algorithms./Le symposium Etudiant du CIRMMT a lieu chaque année, le jour de l’Assemblée Générale. Les étudiants y présentent leurs travaux récents sous forme de présentations orales, posters, démonstrations et concerts. Les travaux présentés sont choisis par le Comité Exécutif Etudiant et visent à représenter la vaste étendue des recherches menées au CIRMMT, des compositions musicales aux algorithmes informatiques

CIRMMT Student Symposium 2013 / Symposium Etudiant du CIRMMT 2013

To view the abstracts / Lien vera les résumés: Student Symposium Abstracts


9:00-9:45am Oral Presentations 1 & 2 / 09:00-09:45 PRÉSENTATIONS ORALES 1 & 2

  • 9:00 - Sven-Amin Lembke & Scott Levine: Timbre blending as a performance variable: investigation of the interactive relationship between performers and a sound recording engineer 
  • 9:25 - Bryan Allen Martin: The Sounds That Made Rock: A Comparison of Classic Fender and Marshall Amplifier Designs



  • Perry Cook: A (not so) Brief History of Laptop Orchestras and Ensembles

10:45am-12:00pm Demos and Posters/ 10:45-12:00 DÉMONSTRATIONS ET POSTERS

    • Preston Beebe, Zachary Hale & Ian Hattwick: Unsounding objects: Control of sound synthesis mapping, extended musical performance, composition
    • Marcello Giordano & Marlon Schumacher: A vibrotactile synthesis framework for haptick feedback in live-electronic music performance
    • Ida Toninato: Mixed music : analysis and interpretation
    • Gregory BurletRobotaba Guitar Tablature Transcription Framework
    • Ajith DamodaranApplication of composite material to the Chenda, an Indian percussion instrument
    • Dalia El-ShimyReactive environment for network music performance
    • Mailis Gomes Rodrigues: Intonaspacio: A site-specific digital musical instrument
    • Jason Hockman & Jeremy VanSlyke: Developing an automated take sheet for music production applications
    • Doyuen Ko & Jung Wook Hong: Effects of ambient light Intensity on perceived brightness of sound
    • Hossein Mansour: Enhanced simulation of the bowed cello string
    • Daniel Steele: Spreading Soundscapes: a collaborative study on sensing in the city
    • Francesco Tordini: Saliency of everyday sounds. Learning descriptors. Setting priorities 


    12:00-12:40pm Discussion with the student executive committee / 12:00-12:40 discussion avec le comité exécutif de l'étudiant

    12:40-1:40pm Lunch / 12:40-13:40 DéJEUNER

    1:40-2:50pm Oral Presentations 3, 4 & 5 / 13:40-14:50 PRÉSENTATIONS ORALES 3, 4 & 5

    • 1:40 - Meghan Goodchild: Emotional responses to orchestral gestures
    • 2:05 - Terri Hron: Composing Sharp Splinter: towards a personal method of documenting collaborative practice
    • 2:30 - Andie Sigler: Computational Analysis of Musical Structure: Polyphony and Texture


    2:50-3:20pm Coffee break / 15:20 Pause café


    3:20-4:20pm Keynote Address  / 15:20-16:20 CONFÉRENCE INVITÉE

    • Christopher Dobrian: Interactivity, Shminteractivity: In Search of the Expressive Computer