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CANCELLED: Lightning Talks series 2014/2015 - first meeting

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This event has been canceled. We will notify the community of rescheduling.

Quoi ?
  • Lightning Talks Series
Quand ? 28/11/2014
du 12:30 au 14:00
Où ? A832, New Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St. West.
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First Lightning Talks of the 2014/2015 academic year

The Lightning Talks series is a forum open to all undergraduate, graduate students and post-docs interested in discussing their work, and peer reviewing interdisciplinary research projects and creative practices outside the context of a specific class, lab, professor, or department.

The Lightning talks provide a platform to lecture, present projects, ask questions, share know-how and receive feedback from a multidisciplinary community. All contributions related to creative interdisciplinary practices touching on Music, Media and Technology are welcome, including work in progress, papers presented at recent conferences and those to be presented at forthcoming conferences. 



Each presenter has 7 minutes to get his or her point across (hence the name Lightning talks). The format is left open to the presenter, it could be powerpoint slides or a demonstration of a new technology, for example. The presentation will be followed by a 7 minute discussion period. 


  • Hubert Léveilé Gauvin (CIRMMT Research Axis 1)
  • Joao Filipe Santos (CIRMMT Research Axis 2)
  • TBA

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