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2018-19 Student Representative and Axis Student Coordinators

CIRMMT Student Representative

CIRMMT's student representative is elected by the student membership and serves on our Board of Directors.  The student representative is responsible for chairing the Student Executive Committee (composed of up to eight axis student coordinators), and for developing new student-initiated activities within the Centre. The student representative consults with students on a regular basis to ensure that their concerns are brought to the Board.  

2018-2019 Student representative

John Sullivan


John Sullivan is a musician and music technology researcher whose work focuses on the design of new instruments and technologies for music and multimedia performance. He completed his B.F.A. in Contemporary Music Performance and Composition at the College of Santa Fe where he studied jazz guitar. He spent the next several years as a professional musician, releasing a number of indie rock albums and touring throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Following this period, he returned to academics to pursue a Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of Maine. With a focus on interactive multimedia and installation design, his research brought him first to New York to work with electronic music pioneer Joel Chadabe, then to McGill University and CIRMMT to study digital musical instrument design. After presenting his Master's thesis on user-centered design of instruments and interactive systems he remained at McGill where he is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate. His current research work includes motion capture and movement analysis of live performance, development and testing of of haptic interfaces, and investigation of user-driven methodologies for the design and evaluation of new interfaces for musical expression. Outside of his his PhD research, John is a course lecturer at McGill's Schulich School of Music and member of the McGill cycling team. 

Personal statement

Since arriving in Montreal in 2014, CIRMMT has been an indispensable resource in all facets of my work. In addition to the world class facilities and technical support it offers, CIRMMT represents an engaged community of professionals, students, and community members engaged in a wide variety of research related to music, media and technology. As student representative, I look forward to strengthening open communication and dynamic interaction between members and throughout the community, supporting ongoing activities across the centre's four research axes, and promoting new initiatives that will continue to push the boundaries of science and the creative arts. I am committed to sustaining a positive engagement with the student members to ensure that the CIRMMT community remains dynamic, open and accessible to all. 

Axis Student Coordinators

The axis student coordinators are selected on a yearly basis by the co-leaders of our four research axes.  They are responsible for fostering interdisciplinary research developments amongst the student membership by promoting student research interests within each axis and by consulting with other axis student coordinators.  They represent their axis on the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee and assist with coordination of workshops and axis meetings. 

2018-2019 Axis Student Coordinators

RA1 - Instruments, devices and systems

  • Eduardo Meneses
  • Gabrielle Crétot-Richert

RA2 - Music information research

  • Yaolong Ju
  • Martha Thomae

RA3 - Cognition, perception and movement

  • Grace Brooks
  • Mariane Generale

RA4 - Expanded musical practive

  • Landon Morrison
  • Takuto Fukuda