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The Science and Technology of Music


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CIRMMT Student Representative

CIRMMT's student representative is elected by the student membership and serves on our Board of Directors.  The student representative is responsible for chairing the Student Executive Committee (composed of the 12 axis student coordinators), and for developing new student-initiated activities within the Centre. The student representative consults with students on a regular basis to ensure that their concerns are brought to the Board. 


2012-2013 Student representative

Hossein Mansour


Hossein Mansour holds a BSc and a MSc in mechanical engineering from Sharif University, Iran. He also holds a MASc in Mechatronics from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada. He is presently a PhD student in Music Technology at McGill University, working with Dr. Gary Scavone in the Computational Acoustic Modeling Laboratory (CAML). His research interests include musical acoustics, perceptual aspects of sound quality, and measurements and modeling of string instruments.

As an engineer, Hossein has been involved in several industrial projects in different levels (research engineer, project manager, CEO); while on the musical side he has been active as a performer and a composer. Hossein has participated in writing three research grant proposals at SFU, among which two have been funded.

Statement of motivation

Being a researcher in the field of musical acoustics for over 7 years has made me familiar with all the challenges that a student should undertake to find the facilities and the specialties required for his/her studies, and I was truly amazed by finding all I needed over these years at CIRMMT. This was in fact, the main reason that I decided to move to Montreal for my PhD and it is my biggest motivation to apply for the position of the student representative. 

I joined the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee in September 2011, when I started my PhD at McGill. Serving as Student Coordinator for Research Axis 1 has given me a chance to become more and more involved with CIRMMT activities. During this period, I co-organized a research workshop on stringed instruments, also, I have actively participated in different CIRMMT businesses including the open house, FRQ-SC site visit, visit of Remi Quirion, FRQ-SC magazine interview, and the CFI-7 grant proposal.  

Collaborative research among different research axes is one of the core component of CIRMMT's mission.  To strengthen this interdisciplinary research, the committee has proposed to make a database, accessible to all CIRMMT members, that includes more detail on the research interests, skill-sets, and activities of fellow student members. This idea has been remained on-hold due to the overload imposed by the Minerva strike. If I get elected for the student representative position I will prioritize this matter and make sure it happens. 

Another issue that has been discussed in the committee is to turn the CIRMMT student symposium into a more general event (ideally an international conference). This gives CIRMMT more visibility and may initiate collaborations with other research groups, which are not necessarily CIRMMT members. The barriers on the way have been already discussed, but I will do my best to overcome those if possible. 


Axis Student Coordinators

The axis student coordinators are selected on a yearly basis by the co-leaders of our six research axes.  They are responsible for fostering interdisciplinary research developments amongst the student membership by promoting student research interests within each axis and by consulting with other axis student coordinators.  They represent their axis on the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee and assist with coordination of workshops and axis meetings. 

CIRMMT Student Executive Committee 2013

From left to right: Alfonso Perez Carillo, Kai Siedenburg, Sylvain Pohu, Hossein Masour, Audrey-Kristel Barbeau, 
Chuck Bronson, Christopher Antila, Hannah Robertson

2012-2013 Axis Student Coordinators

Sound modeling, acoustics and signal processing:

  • Chuck Bronson
  • Alfonso Perez Carrillo

Musical gestures, devices and motion capture:

  • Audrey-Kristel Barbeau
  • Marcello Giordano


Musical information retrieval, archiving and analysis:

  • Christopher Antila
  • Gabriel Vigliensoni (Fall 2012)
  • Hannah Robertson (Winter 2013)


Multimodal immersive systems:

  • Daniel Steele


Music perception and cognition:

  • Meghan Goodchild
  • Kai Siedenburg


Expanded musical practice:

  • Zachary Hale
  • Sylvain Pohu