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The Science and Technology of Music


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CIRMMT Student Representative

CIRMMT's student representative is elected by the student membership and serves on our Board of Directors.  The student representative is responsible for chairing the Student Executive Committee (composed of the 12 axis student coordinators), and for developing new student-initiated activities within the Centre. The student representative consults with students on a regular basis to ensure that their concerns are brought to the Board. 

2011-2012 Student representative

David Weigl


David Weigl holds a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science and an MSc by Research in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Studies, under the supervision of Prof. Catherine Guastavino. His research interests include music information behaviour, melody recognition, perceptual similarity measures, and music emotion elicitation.

Personal statement

The interdisciplinary research opportunities and resources offered by CIRMMT were primary motivations in my decision to study in Montreal. I joined the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee shortly after beginning my PhD studies in September, 2010. Serving as Student Coordinator for Research Axis 4 has given me a chance to represent student interests, to become involved in the organization of research workshops and other events, and to interact with fellow students, faculty, and visitors to CIRMMT.             

Promoting collaborative research between disciplines is fundamental to CIRMMT's mission. Over the past year, the Committee has identified a demand among students for greater access to information on the research interests, skill-sets, and activities of fellow student members. One of my priorities as Student Representative would be to continue the work of the outgoing Committee in overseeing the implementation of a solution to better provide such information, in order to encourage communication, skill-sharing and research collaboration across CIRMMT-affiliated labs.

As Student Representative, I intend to represent and further student interests to the best of my ability; to support a smooth transition and continued productive operation of next year's Student Executive Committee; and to ensure that valid student concerns are raised to the Board and followed up appropriately.


Axis Student Coordinators

The axis student coordinators are selected on a yearly basis by the co-leaders of our six research axes.  They are responsible for fostering interdisciplinary research developments amongst the student membership by promoting student research interests within each axis and by consulting with other axis student coordinators.  They represent their axis on the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee and assist with coordination of workshops and axis meetings. 

2011-2012 Axis Student Coordinators

Sound modeling, acoustics and signal processing:

  • Brian Hamilton / Alfonso Perez Carrillo
  • Hossein Mansour

Musical gestures, devices and motion capture:

  • Audrey-Kristel Barbeau
  • Mark Zadel


Musical information retrieval, archiving and analysis:

  • Caitlin Martinkus
  • Gabriel Vigliensoni


Multimodal immersive systems:

  • Trevor Knight
  • David Romblom


Music perception and cognition:

  • Mona Lisa Chanda
  • Meghan Goodchild


Expanded musical practice:

  • Sylvain Pohu
  • Benjamin Reimer