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The Science and Technology of Music


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CIRMMT Student Representative

CIRMMT's student representative is elected by the student membership and serves on our Board of Directors.  The student representative is responsible for chairing the Student Executive Committee (composed of up to eight axis student coordinators), and for developing new student-initiated activities within the Centre. The student representative consults with students on a regular basis to ensure that their concerns are brought to the Board. 


2016-2017 Student representative

Brice Gatinet


Brice Gatinet is pursuing a Doctor of Music (D. Mus), Music Theory and Composition at the Schulich School of Music with professor Philippe Leroux. 

Personal statement

I would like an opportunity to contribute to the work of CIRMMT in a leadership position. I have been a dedicated long-term CIRMMT member and an active participant in annual conferences over the past years. As student representative, I would use the experience I have gain in my past leadership positions in and outside CIRMMT.

I have served as the president of the MASC (McGill Schulich Association of Student composer), elected member of the executive board of Code D’Accès, and Concert director of the CECO (Circle of Student Composer). In France, I was part of the team that created the festival Les Nuits de la Roulotte in Chambery, which still exists and has grown into a major musical event for the city. Additionally, I was part of the organization in the Montreux Jazz festival for two years. I also provided leadership on a variety of McGill and Udem committees.

I strongly believe that as a leading Interdisciplinary center in the world, CIRMMT could still benefit from a more concrete openness within the island of Montreal. Thanks to my involvement in both anglophone and francophone musical circles, I know I’ll be able to encourage the integration of professionals from the different  institutions in our city. I have done this during my time at MASC, and I would like to follow the same pathway in CIRMMT. As my experience has taught me, I know that achieving an objective in a year might be too short, therefore my orientation for next year is similar to the one of our current Student Representative Landon Morrison. As he did, I believe that CIRMMT has the potential to resonate outside the walls of the university, their team is a true example of professionalism and excellence in North America and Montreal’s community should benefit from it.


Axis Student Coordinators

The axis student coordinators are selected on a yearly basis by the co-leaders of our four research axes.  They are responsible for fostering interdisciplinary research developments amongst the student membership by promoting student research interests within each axis and by consulting with other axis student coordinators.  They represent their axis on the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee and assist with coordination of workshops and axis meetings. 

2016-2017 Axis Student Coordinators

RA1 - Instruments, devices and systems

  • Jeronimo Barbosa Costa
  • Rachel Bou Serhal
  • Zhengdong Lei

RA2 - Music information research

  • Malcolm Sailor

RA3 - Cognition, perception and movement

  • Catherine Massie Laberge
  • Baptiste Caramiaux

RA4 - Expanded musical practive

  • Landon Morrison
  • Ofer Pelz