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Qualisys features CIRMMT on their website

Qyalisys has featured CIRMMT and CIRMMT on its website with a customer story on how users benefit from Qualisys motion capture systems.

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Télé Québec show 'Electrons Libres' features CIRMMT member Catherine Guastavino

Télé Québec's 'Electrons Libres' prepared a short documentary on the Sounds in the City Project, featuring Catherine Guastavino and CIRMMT's Spatial Audio Lab.

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CIRMMT member Florian Grond presenting at MIT November 2017

MIT List Visual Arts Centre, Boston, will welcome CIRMMT member Florian Grand and his colleagues to present as part of the Catalyst Conversations public program.

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Two CIRMMT members named Fellows of Royal Society of Canada

CIRMMT members Caroline Palmer and Robert Zatorre have been elected as new Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.

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Marcelo Wanderley to present CUTE masterclass at Numediart institute of UMONS

CIRMMT member Marcelo Wanderley has been invited to present five Francqui Chair lessons in October 2017 as part of the yearly masterclass series on culture and technology, organized by Numediart, the UMONS research institute for creative technologies.

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CIRMMT is Qualisys user of the month!

CIRMMT research on motion capture was featured in this month's Qualisys press release.

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CIRMMT members on Découverte (Radio-Canada)

CIRMMT member Indiana Wollman and her colleagues presented their research project on cello learning through MRI as part of Découverte show Radio-Canada on Sunday 17th September.

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15th Delsys Prize

Application deadline is 30 September 2017

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Prof. Stephen McAdams wins Killam Fellowship

Professor Stephen McAdams wins Killam Fellowship

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Marcelo Wanderley appointed an INRIA International Chair, 2016-20

Professor Marcelo M. Wanderley has been awarded an Inria International Chair for 2016-2020.

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