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Research Project: Multisensory integration in action-base task

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Multisensory integration in action-base task

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Dec 31, 2010 until Dec 30, 2020
Project coordination: Catherine Guastavino
Scientific staff: Vincent Hayward; Ilja Frissen

This project deals with multimodal integration, namely how the brain combines multiple sources of sensory information derived from several modalities, including vision, touch and audition, to form a coherent and robust percept.  Specifically, we quantified the effect of whole-body vibration to auditory judgments, including localization (Frissen & Guastavino, 2013) and comfort evaluation. A series of experiment investigated whether the perception of the temporal order mechanical and acoustic stimuli is affected by the presence of voluntary movement using temporal order judgments (Frissen et al, 2012). Other experiments investigated the effect of touch on loudness perception when plucking a virtual string using a force-feedback device (Ziat et al, 2013). Current projects focus on the extent to which the human brain has internalized the laws of physics for perception and action using a rolling ball in a tube paradigm (Frissen et al, in preparation).