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The Science and Technology of Music


Research Project: France Télécom

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France Télécom

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Jan 03, 2008 until Dec 30, 2011
Project coordination: Stephen McAdams
Scientific staff: Catherine Guastavino; Stephen McAdams

The development of audio codecs to reduce the necessary information transmission bandwidth is important in modern digital society. Many of these compression algorithms are based on psychoacoustic principles such as spectral and temporal masking. Increasingly, the need to transmit spatial information is being felt and this project sought to determine the reduction in spatial information that could be applied to a multichannel audio signal without compromising perception of the spatial layout of sound sources. This aim was accomplished by conducting psychoacoustic experiments on spatial blurring, or the reduction in spatial resolution of a target sound in the presence of competing distractor sounds. Two multichannel audio coding schemes are proposed that take advantage of a psychoacoustic model of spatial blurring in order to reduce the information to be transmitted.