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Research Project: Psychomechanics of aerodynamic sounds

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Psychomechanics of aerodynamic sounds

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Jan 03, 2010 until Dec 30, 2011
Project coordination: Gary Scavone
Scientific staff: Stephen McAdams; Gary Scavone

The goals of this project are to extend and verify computational models of aerodynamic sounds and to subsequently use these models to quantify the human processing of suchsounds. From a physical point of view, aerodynamic sounds occur when an air flow becomes unsteady, generally as a consequence of its interaction with a solid boundary. Scientific investigations into the mechanisms involved in the generation of aerodynamicsounds have been ongoing for more than sixty years. In contrast, little is known of theirperceptual processing and of their cognition. Lattice Boltzmann techniques are used tocreate 3D computational models of aerodynamic sound sources. Psychomechanical methods are extended to the specific case of this class of sounds. Perceptual models aredeveloped that predict different types of judgments based on knowledge of sound features and mechanical properties of the sound sources.