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Research Project: High resolution spatial audio and reverberation model

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High resolution spatial audio and reverberation model

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Since Sep 01, 2012
Project coordination: Philippe Depalle; Catherine Guastavino; Richard King
Scientific staff: Stephen McAdams
Student staff: David Romblom
Funding: Sennheiser Electronic GMBh & Co KG

This project includes perceptual evaluations of room effect methods for multichannel spatial audio. The room effect is an important aspect of sound recording technique, and is typically captured separately from the direct sound. The perceptual attributes of multi-channel spatial audio have been established by previous authors, while the psychoacoustic underpinnings of room perception are known to varying degrees. The objective of this project is also to perceptually evaluate the relative merits of different spatial audio recording, rendering  and room effect techniques within the context of two different multichannel reproduction systems. Finally we propose a new multichannel model for reverberation. [Student researcher: David Romblom; Funding: Sennheiser Electronic GMBh & Co KG]