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Event Hugues Genevois: "From mechanical instrument to virtual instrument : gestual control for sound synthesis"
Hugues Genevois is a research scientist at the Laboratoire d'Acoustique Musicale - LAM (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - CNRS - Ministère de la culture).
Event Benoit Bardy and Thomas Stoffregen: "Human stance/posture and its integration with visual and tactile tasks"
This seminar is a joint presentation with the Music Technology Area of the Schulich School of Music, McGill University.
Event Erwin Schoonderwaldt and Alexandre Bouënard
Erwin Schoonderwaldt and Alexandre Bouënard are research assistants working with Marcelo Wanderley on the Enactive project.
Event Andrey da Silva: The lattice Boltzmann technique in acoustical problems
Event Caroline Cance: Human sensory experience of digital technology: toward new conceptualizations of perception and instrumentality?
Event Hélène Papadopoulos: Music Content Estimation with Markov Logic for Sparse and Structured Decomposition of Audio Signals
Event Jean-François Petiot: Subjective and objective study of musical instruments
Event Samuel Mehr: The Natural History of Song
Event Mark Schubin: The fandom of the opera: How a centuries-old art form helped create the modern media world
Event Sean Olive: Corporate Technology Acoustics Group, Harman International
The McGill Audio Engineering Society and CIRMMT present: Loudspeakers with Dr. Sean Olive
Event NSERC/CIRMMT Engage Grant Demos
Event John Hollenbeck: Trying to sound like a machine...
Event Dave Headlam: Auto and cross-correlation techniques for data mining inquiries into Palestrina Masses
Event Peter Plessas: Playing live-electronics: A performer's perspective on composed music transformations
Event Tomás Henriques: 10 years of electronic instrument building: A creative journey using technology for musical expression
Seminar organized by the Music Technology department.
Event Florian Meyer and Marc Matter lecture/demonstration: Circular sequencing systems - notation and ergonomics
Florian Meyer and Marc Matter (of Institut für Feinmotorik / The Durian Brothers) will present a lecture and demonstration of recent developments in hardware ...
Event Pauline Heister & Guylaine Picard: Broadcasting in Munich and Montreal
The present and future of radio production and distribution.
Event Seminar with composers Annesley Black and Sergej Maingardt
A seminar in collaboration with Research Axis 4 (Expanded musical practice).
Event Andrea Creech: Musicking and creative music technology for enriching later-life
This seminar is presented in collaboration with Research Axis 3 (Cognition, perception and movement).
Event Richard Freedman: The lost voices project: Theory and practice in the 16th century (and today)
Richard Freedman presents a talk on his research followed by a public lecture on CIRMMT and the Digital Humanities.
Event Jean-Pierre Luminet: The harmony of the spheres, from antiquity to contemporary music
Event Peter Schubert: The Renaissance Duo and the Probability of Rain
This talk is co-authored with Ayrton Zadra.
Event Frank Melchior: Object-based audio - The future of broadcast?
This event is presented in collaboration with AES and McGill Sound Recording
Event Durand Begault: “Obscure and Important” topics in Forensic Audio
In collaboration with AES and McGill Sound Recording
Event Benoît Gibson: The instrumental music of Iannis Xenakis. theory, practice, self-borrowing
Event Shlomo Dubnov: Repeated motif discovery in musical recording using musical information dynamics
Shlomo Dubnov presents a talk on his research followed later in the day by a public lecture on CIRMMT and the Digital Humanities.
Event Peter Otto: Advanced audio for immersive and collaborative environments
Event Philippe Leroux: Composing heterogeneity: Gestural models and energetic phrasing
Event Alexandre Lehmann: Brain, body, beats, and bionics
Event World Voice Day Seminar 2018
This seminar is co-organized by the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (SCSD) and CIRMMT, together with the Schulich School of Music and the Royal ...