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The Science and Technology of Music


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Systems/Technical Manager: Julien Boissinot

Electronics Coordinator: Yves Méthot

Technical-Production Assistant (Part-Time): Sylvain Pohu

Office Administrator: Jacqueline Bednar

Events Coordinator (Part-Time): Andre Martins de Oliveira

Business Officer: Francesco Tordini

CFI Project Manager: Romain Dumoulin


General inquiries: info AT cirmmt DOT


Services offered by staff include

  • Technical maintenance of Centre software, equipment and labs
  • Technical assistance with design and setup of experiments in common labs
  • Technical assistance with design and construction of specialized electronic equipment in common labs and satellite labs
  • Web-based reporting and communication for research axes and team projects
  • Administration of team grants
  • Help with negotiation and administering of research contracts
  • Coordination of workshops and other research activities
  • Loans from a pool of portable equipment for sound recording, audience response measures,multichannel sound diffusion, HD video recording, and motion capture. 
  • Training workshops on the use of the labs and loanable equipment are also provided. 
  • Technical assistance is primarily constrained to the core labs, but requests for technical assistance in satellite labs are examined by the Executive Committee, and accorded if planning permits.