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Real-time audio signal processing: introducing MATLAB Audio System Toolbox

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This Research Axis 1 CIRMMT workshop will be animated by Ric Losada, software development manager leading the DSP & Audio products at MathWorks. Registration is required.

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When Mar 30, 2017
from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Where A832, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St W
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Limited spaces available. Please register at this link: Real Time Audio Signal Processing with MATLAB - registration- Real Time Audio Signal Processing: Introducing MATLAB Audio System Toolbox

To access the Facebook event: 

Real-Time Audio Signal Processing: Introducing MATLAB Audio System Toolbox


Audio System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and tools for the design, simulation, and desktop prototyping of audio processing systems. It enables low-latency signal streaming from and to audio interfaces, interactive parameter tuning, and automatic generation of audio plugins for digital audio workstations.

Audio System Toolbox includes libraries of audio processing algorithms (such as filtering, equalization, dynamic range control, and reverberation), sources (such as audio oscillators and wavetable synthesizers), and measurements (such as A- and C-weighting). Interfaces to external MIDI controls and low-latency audio drivers such as ASIO, ALSA, and CoreAudio enable you to validate multichannel audio designs in MATLAB® or Simulink®. You can generate VST plugins from MATLAB code. For simulation acceleration or desktop prototyping, the system toolbox supports C/C++ code generation.

This CIRMMT workshop will be animated by Ric Losada, software development manager leading the DSP & Audio products at MathWorks.

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This talk will present the new Audio System Toolbox to stream live audio in and out of MATLAB/Simulink along with algorithms and tools for processing, tuning, and analyzing such live audio signals. Low-latency processing is possible via ASIO support on Windows or Core Audio support on Mac desktops. 

We will show ways of easily tuning parameters that affect the live audio stream (such as the bandwidth of a filter) by using a graphical interface and/or a MIDI device.

We will discuss generating VST audio plugins from MATLAB code and inter-process communication between digital audio workstations (DAWs) and MATLAB for real-time analysis of audio signals while engaging in high-performance audio processing in the DAW.

We will also discuss hosting existing VST plugins in MATLAB. You can run/tune your favorite VST plugin directly from inside MATLAB with both a programmatic and a graphical interface.

Finally we will discuss deployment of audio algorithms to mobile devices such as iPads and Android devices.


Ric Losada is an Engineering Manager in the MathWorks Signal Processing and Communications development organization, where he has worked for over 19 years. His team is responsible for the development of DSP System Toolbox and Audio System Toolbox. Ric is a contributing author to the book "Streamlining Digital Signal Processing: A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook" (2nd Edition, Wiley, 2012). Ric's expertise include audio signal processing, filter design, multi rate signal processing, adaptive filters, and spectral analysis.







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