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Workshop on Spatialization

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This workshop is organized by CIRMMT Research Axis 6 (Expanded Musical Practice). It will take place at l'Université de Montréal on Sunday, February 15 2009. Registration is free.

Quoi ?
  • Research Workshop
Quand ? 15/02/2009
du 13:00 au 18:30
Où ? Room B-187, Faculté de musique, Université de Montréal, 200 Vincent-D'Indy (métro Edouard-Montpetit)
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This workshop will take place at the exciting new 32-channel surround studio at the Music Faculty of the University of Montreal.


A number of technological and compositional approaches to spatialization being developed and used by CIRMMT members will be presented. Participants will be able to evaluate their effectiveness in ideal listening conditions and will also be able to take part in hands-on demonstrations. We will examine the relative strengths and weaknesses of various systems for different compositional purposes (acousmatic, live electronics, videomusic). A precise schedule will follow soon.

This workshop will conclude with an important general meeting of Axis 6 where we will discuss, among other things, proposals for a distinguished lecturer for 2009-10 from our axis. The meeting will be followed by a reception. Please plan on attending if possible.


Registration is on a first-come first-served basis: Spatialization Workshop Registration Form

Presenters will include:

  • Jonas Braasch: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
  • Robert Normandeau: Université de Montréal
  • Martin Marier: Université de Montréal
  • Nils Peters: McGill University
  • Marlon Schumacher: McGill University 

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