Isabelle Peretz: "How music sculpts our brain"

Isabelle Peretz: "How music sculpts our brain"

A Distinguished Lecture by a guest from Université de Montréal


The lecture will take place in TANNA SCHULICH HALL.


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Isabelle Peretz will present How music sculpts the brain, the English adaptation of her book “Apprendre la musique. Nouvelles des Neurosciences,” Odile Jacob 2018. She will summarize the main findings of more than thirty years of neuropsychological research on music and translate these into actionable recommendations that can be directly applied in the music room. She will explain how the process of learning music impacts our brain, how music fosters curiosity, attention and altruism, whether children need a ‘musical ear’ to develop their musical ability, and more. 


Dr. Peretz is Professor of Psychology at the University of Montreal and the holder of a Canada Research Chair and a Casavant Research chair in neurocognition of music. Her research focuses on the musical potential of ordinary people, its neural correlates, its heritability and its specificity relative to language. She is renowned for her work on congenital and acquired musical disorders (amusia) and on the biological foundations of music processing in general. She has published over 270 scientific papers on a variety of topics in neurocognition of music, from perception, memory, and emotions to singing and dancing (for her publications see Dr. Peretz’s research has received continued support from the Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Council and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research since 1986. In 2005, she co-founded the International Laboratory for Brain Music and Sound Research (BRAMS), which she directed until June 2018. BRAMS is a unique multi-university consortium that is jointly affiliated to Université de Montréal and McGill University, with state-of-the art facilities dedicated to the cognitive neuroscience of music. Dr. Peretz has been awarded the Justine & Yves Sergent award, the ACFAS Jacques Rousseau award, the Adrien Pinard award, Neuronal Plasticity prize 2011 IPSEN Foundation and the prize of Excellence of FRQNT 2015. Dr. Peretz is a Member of the Order of Canada, an Officer of the Order of Quebec and a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and of the American Psychological Association.


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For those who are unable to attend in person, there will be a live webcast on CIRMMT's YouTube channel