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2020-21 Student Co-Representatives and Axis Student Coordinators

CIRMMT Student Co-Representatives

CIRMMT's student representative is elected by the student membership and serves on our Board of Directors.  The student representative is responsible for chairing the Student Executive Committee (composed of up to eight axis student coordinators), and for developing new student-initiated activities within the Centre. The student representative consults with students on a regular basis to ensure that their concerns are brought to the Board. 

2020-2021 Student Co-representatives


Carolina Rodríguez is a master’s candidate at Schulich School of Music, sound engineer, cultural project manager and technical producer. Through music and science, her career has focused on delivering meaningful experiences to audiences, directed to build citizenship through guided listening and the expression of art through technology. She has done previous research on the alternatives to the traditional loudspeaker. She studied Music and Sound Engineering in Colombia and since then has worked for relevant music festivals in Colombia and important theaters in Bogotá in the production and project coordination areas. Her articles, scripts and program-notes have been published in music magazines, festivals and cultural radio. Her interests include music perception and attention, audio reproduction, music appreciation and social access to art. 

Eduardo Meneses Edu Meneses started his guitar studies since the age of 12, completing his first studies with Mario and Waldir Falcaro, later working as a guitarist on recordings of tracks and jingles for Cosmossom Studio – Sao Paulo. Also worked as composer and music consultant, producing tracks for several short films in partnerships with students of FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado). Also participates in several theatrical productions acting both as an instrumentalist and as musical director, including the theater play Ninguém Entende (Aurea Karpor). Graduated in composition at FASM (Faculdade Santa Marcelina), oriented by Sergio Cardoso and studied conducting with Emiliano Patarra and Lutero Rodrigues, concluding an internship in OJMG (Guarulhos Municipal Youth Orchestra), working in over 50 different presentations and assemblies in Opera Theatre “Theatro São Pedro”, as La Traviata, Gianni Schicchi, Cavalleria Rusticana, among others. Worked as pedagogical supervisor and acoustic guitar teacher of Programa Guri Santa Marcelina, responsible for guitar and strings area of the entire program up to 2010. He also conducted a students guitar ensemble in the same organization up to 2011. Edu Meneses is currently a PhD student in music technology at McGill University, also playing with Alê Damasceno (drums + electronics) and Walmir Gil (trumpet + electronics) in B.E.A.T. trio and leads the Brasilian music ensemble 7Cabeças.

Personal statements

Carolina Rodriguez - Student Representative 2020-2021Carolina Rodríguez: Art and science have a symbiotic relationship that is explored explicitly only in a hand full of places. CIRMMT is full of opportunities for this relationship to be nurtured by several disciplines, resulting not only in leading research work but also in meaningful and relevant artistic practices. As a student representative, I will like to provide more platforms for the visibility of student’s work and processes in creation and research. Mentorship and interdisciplinarity are crucial for a project’s success and completion, therefore including programming where intergenerational members can gather is essential. The potential of this community lies in the ways it can interconnect people from all around the world working on the music-science fields, bringing together plural backgrounds and ideas. I would also like to establish a stronger bond with students in other academic institutions and outside of the Montréal area, to ensure broader collaborations and communication. Students are a significant part of CIRMMT and I will make sure to create more opportunities to receive their feedback and fulfill their needs, giving a voice to their concerns, advice, and interests. 

I am a musician with an emphasis on sound engineering, and I have been working in cultural production and project management, in communication of music and music history, and education for over five years. Consequently, working as a student representative would be an excellent opportunity to offer the things I have learned through my career to a community I have been following for many years. Working for others and being a support branch for their work and projects is very important to me, so I will try my best to include extensive areas of knowledge and creative programming proposals for projects to meet collaborators. Redefining how being artists and researchers impact our sense of citizenship and service is one of my personal quests, and I believe being a student representative can be one of the many ways. 

Eduardo Meneses - Student representative 2020-2021Eduardo Menses: CIRMMT is genuinely an interdisciplinary institution. As a proud student member for four years and a student coordinator for one year, the collaborative aspect and research opportunities become part of my reality as a CIRMMT active member. I am also a composer, performer, music technologist, and educator, and I had the opportunity to contribute to all those areas in interdisciplinary projects and activities inside CIRMMT. During my experience as a student coordinator in research axis 1, I could collaborate in projects and activities not only for my research axes but also axis 3 and 4. Professors, students, and staff members are always willing to cooperate, thus creating an environment where students can evolve into great researchers.

As a student co-representative, my goal will be to bring the students even closer and participative of CIRMMT activities during these challenging times. Our research center has the potential to, more than ever, be the intended hub to foment music, media, and technology-related research even though all adversity. Student representatives will continue to be the link to help CIRMMT students continue making exciting and ground-breaking research. 

Axis Student Coordinators

The axis student coordinators are selected on a yearly basis by the co-leaders of our four research axes.  They are responsible for fostering interdisciplinary research developments amongst the student membership by promoting student research interests within each axis and by consulting with other axis student coordinators.  They represent their axis on the CIRMMT Student Executive Committee and assist with coordination of workshops and axis meetings. 

2019-2020 Axis Student Coordinators

RA1 - Instruments, devices and systems

  • Pierre Grandjean
  • Travis West

RA2 - Music information research

  • Yaolong Ju
  • Sylvain Margot

RA3 - Cognition, perception and movement

  • Mariane Generale
  • Justine Maillard

RA4 - Expanded musical practive

  • Takuto Fukuda
  • Nicola Giannini