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The Science and Technology of Music


Research Axis: Musical Information Retrieval

Musical Information Retrieval, Archiving and Analysis (RA3)

This theme concerns digital archiving of musical information (sound, graphics or text), cataloguing of meta-data concerning this information in databases, and techniques for searching the information in a single archive or a network of archives distributed across several libraries. Techniques are developed for nondestructive scanning and digital reconstitution of old recording media and for engines to perform automatic music classification and perceptually relevant searches in musical databases.

Participating members:

Ichiro Fujinaga*, Co-Leader (McGill University)
Jon Wild*, Co-Leader (McGill University)

Marc Battier (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Karlheinz Brandenburg (Technische Universität Ilmenau)
Andy Costello
Julie Cumming* (McGill University)
Douglas Eck*  (Google Research)
Martha De Francisco (McGill University)
Catherine Guastavino (McGill University)
Robert Hasegawa (McGill University)
Richard King (McGill University)
Audrey Laplante (Université de Montréal)
George Massenburg (McGill University)
Michael Mcguffin (ETS)
Cory McKay (Marianopolis College)
Joel Miller
Nils Peters (International Computer Science Institute)
Fred Rees (IUPUI)
René Rusch (McGill University)
Peter Schubert (McGill University)
Godfried Toussaint* (McGill University)
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Wieslaw Woszczyk (McGill University)

Student coordinators:

Hubert Léveillé Gauvin

Past co-leaders and student coordinators

Recent research funding sources: CFI, Daniel Langlois Foundation, FQRNT, FQRSC, Richard Tomlinson Digital Library Innovation and Access Award, SSHRC/CURA

Video archives:

Musical information archiving and retrieval - axis overview