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Folder Workshop on audio-haptic interaction in music
Inproceedings Reference A Network-ready Multi-lateral High Fidelity Haptic Probe
We describe a system comprising two or several haptic probes each having a sensor, an actuator, and circuitry. The inputs ...
Inproceedings Reference Initial results using Eddy Current Brakes as Fast Turn-on, Programmable Physical Dampers for Haptic Rendering
We demonstrate the use of eddy current braking as programmable, fast turn-on, physical damping to improve both the ...
Inproceedings Reference Time-Domain Passivity Control of Haptic Interfaces with Tunable Damping Hardware
Inproceedings Reference Psychophysical calibration of whole-body vibration in the display of impact events in auditory and haptic virtual environments
Form Folder Workshop on audio-haptic interaction in music - registration
Event Workshop on audio-haptic interaction in music
This workshop is co-organized by CIRMMT Research Axis 2 (Musical gestures, devices and motion capture) and the Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory ...
Inproceedings Reference Display of Haptic Shape at Different Scales
Inproceedings Reference Haptic Synthesis
Article Reference High-fidelity passive force-reflecting virtual environments
Passivity theory is applied to the creation of synthetic, complex multidimensional haptic environments. It can be shown ...
Article Reference High-fidelity Haptic Synthesis of Contact with Deformable Bodies
Inproceedings Reference Audio-Haptic Interaction (What's Shakin' You?)
Inproceedings Reference A Haptic Interface for Editing Space Trajectories
Article Reference Trajectory of contact region on the fingerpad gives the illusion of haptic shape
Article Reference Haptic interfaces and devices
Inproceedings Reference Defining a control standard for easily integrating haptic virtual environments with existing audio/visual systems
Inproceedings Reference On The Use of Eddy Current Brakes as Tunable, Fast Turn-On Viscous Dampers For Haptic Rendering
Inproceedings Reference Perceived Synchrony in a Bimodal Display: Optimal Intermodal Delay for Coordinated Auditory and Haptic Reproduction
Inproceedings Reference The Pantograph Mk-II: a haptic instrument
We describe the redesign and the performance evaluation of a high-performance haptic device system called the Pantograph. ...
Inproceedings Reference The Effect of Weight on the Perception of Vibrotactile Intensity with Handheld Devices
Inproceedings Reference Passivity-based high-fidelity haptic rendering of contact
A method is described whereby the virtual haptic interaction with deformable elastic objects is created in terms of two ...
Inproceedings Reference Fundamental Limits in the Rendering of Virtual Haptic Textures
We discuss the properties of force-feedback haptic simulation systems that fundamentally limit the re-creation of ...
Inproceedings Reference A haptic memory game using the STReSS2 tactile display
A computer implementation of a classic memory card game was adapted to rely on touch rather than vision. Instead of ...
Event NSERC/CIRMMT Engage Grant Demos
Event Brent Gillespie: Mechanics of the relationship between musician and musical instrument
Event Workshop on Multimodal Integration
This workshop is organized by CIRMMT Research Axis 4 (Multimodal Immersive Systems). It will take place on September 26th, 2008 at McGill University (A832, ...
Inproceedings Reference Subspace projection of multichannel audio data for automatic control of motion-platform-based multimedia display systems
This paper addresses a practical problem associated with multimedia display systems that utilize motion platforms to ...
Event David Parisi: To flood an empty channel: Haptic technologies and the search for new languages of touch
This seminar is presented in collaboration with Research Axis 3 (Cognition, perception and movement).
Page December 2014
Event IAM-CIRMMT series, #9: Haptics in Interaction and Game Design
This workshop is a collaboration between CIRMMT (RA1 - Instruments, devices and systems) and Interactive Audio Montreal. It is free and open to all. ...