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The Science and Technology of Music


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Event Laurent Pugin: Music sources in the digital domain
Seminar presented by the CIRMMT RA2 - Music Information Research.
Event Pierre Michaud: Towards a heuristic approach to mixed electroacoustic music: developing new pedagogical strategies favouring re-performance and preservation
Event World Voice Day Seminar
This seminar is co-organized by the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (SCSD), Montreal General Hospital Voice Clinic together with the Schulich ...
Event Jean Bresson: Computer-aided composition projects and applications in OpenMusic
Event Cornelius Pöpel: On openness, formalization and resulting questions in the design of computer-based musical instruments
Event Anne Danielsen: Rhythm and groove in African-American popular music
A doctoral colloquium by Anne Danielson, University of Oslo.
Event Damian Murphy: Virtual acoustics: Vocal synthesis and soundscape auralization
Event James Clark: Developing Music Synthesis Systems using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)
Event D. Andrew Stewart: x1: Performance principles of a T-Stick instrumentalist
This seminar is presented in collaboration with Research Axis 4 (Expanded musical practice) as part of the Colloquium d'études supérieures en composition et ...
Event Dan Gauger: "Working More Effectively Through (a) Martial Art: Aikido."
Luncheon seminar by Dan Gauger, BOSE. While no lunch is provided, attendees are welcome to bring their lunch to this event.
Event Joe Schlesinger - Medical Auditory Alarms: Multisensory Integration Complementing Music Perception & Cognition
Research Seminar presented by the CIRMMT RA1 (Instruments, devices and systems) and RA3 (Cognition, perception and movement).
Event Bryan Martin: Sonosphere Mastering
The McGill Audio Engineering Society and CIRMMT present: "Inside Fender and Marshall guitar amplifiers: Comparing the classics" and "The design and build of a ...
Event An afternoon of seminars
With Rosemary Mountain, Concordia University; Luis Rodrigues, Concordia University; Ian Sinclair, MPB Technologies; Michael McGuffin, Ecole de technologie ...
Event George Massenburg: A new approach to automatic audio level control
Event Michael Young and Ellen Waterman: Live algorithms for music: The case of the flute_prosthesis
Event Olivier Girard & Vincent Gagnon: The sound of Ubisoft
Event Yann Pasco: Research background and projects: Acoustics and vibrations, signal processing applied to technologies and music
Event Glenn McDonald: Your favorite song you've never heard - Making the infinite musical unknown fractionally less unknowable
Glenn McDonald will speak about way he uses computers for music recommendation services at The Echo Nest and Spotify.
Event Gary Scavone & Stephen McAdams: Psychomechanics of aerodynamic sounds ... a CIRMMT Strategic Innovation Fund report
Event Fulbright Lecture: Lawrence Zbikowski: Music, gesture, and musical grammar
Event Jean Rouat: Neuro-computational sensory substitution/completion research platform
Prof. Jean Rouat presents a talk on his research. Attendees are welcome to bring their lunches to this seminar.
Event David Pearsall: Understanding human/environment/tool interactions: Case studies from sport and examples of industrial-university collaboration
Event Lawrence Joseph: Bayesian Inference in Music
Event Jonathan Goldman: The buttons on Pandora's box: Experimental bandoneon music by Kagel, Tudor, Mumma and Oliveros
Event Steinunn Arnardóttir - From idea to Release: Research and Product Creation at Native Instruments
Research Seminar presented by the CIRMMT RA1 (Instruments, devices, and systems).
Event Roger Dean: Towards an understanding of intensity, loudness and affect in electroacoustic and classical music
Event Laurent Daudet: Sampling acoustic fields
Event Janie Cole: Soundscapes of incarceration: Mandela, Robben Island and music as resistance in the apartheid prisons
This seminar is co-organized by CIRMMT and the Schulich School of Music.
Event Martha de Francisco: Music production in the flow of technological evolution
The McGill Audio Engineering Society and CIRMMT present: Music production in the flow of technological evolution with Martha de Francisco.
Event Nicolas Donin & François-Xavier Féron: Tracking the Creative Process in (Stefano Gervasoni’s) Music