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Event Alexander Sigman: alarm/will/sound: A multidisciplinary research/installation project
Event Annette Vande Gorne: 30 ans de "Musiques et recherches"
This seminar is presented in collaboration with Réseaux. A second talk by Francis Dhomont immediately precedes this one. Robert Normandeau will present a talk ...
Event Michael Nunan: Olympic Audio
Event Robert Normandeau: 20 ans de Réseaux
This seminar is presented in collaboration with Réseaux. Francis Dhomont and Annette Vande Gorne will present seminars on April 5.
Event Christian Frisson: Sound↔Interaction Retroactions
Event Polo Vallejo: The harmonic language of Georgian polyphonies
Polo Vallejo will give a talk from 4:30-6:00pm, followed by an academic presentation of the film 'Africa The Beat' at 7:30pm.
Event Jean Kergomard: Musical wind instruments: Acoustics and instrument making
Jean Kergomard presents a talk on Acoustics and Instrument making for wind instruments.
Event Philippe Esling: Musical time series and artificial creative intelligence for orchestration
This is an invited talk arranged by the Music Technology Area.
Event Vincent Barras & Jacques Demierre: Interpreting BarDem Interpreting: Contemporary practices and issues in text-sound composition and sound poetry
A seminar in collaboration with Research Axis 4 (Expanded musical practice).
Event CANCELLED! Patricio de la Cuadra: Flutes, bagpipes and controllers: An interdisciplinary approach to musical acoustics
Event Connecting people, sound and technology at the NuSom – Research Center on Sonology
Event Joseph Plazak: The size code - Revisiting the paralanguage of music
Please note: this room is inside the McGill Marvin Duchow Music LIbrary. You must enter the library at the 3rd floor of the New Music Building then take the ...
Event Jazzing the Data - Jazz Discographies in the Digital Age
Organized by the Columbia Center for Jazz Studies J-Disc task force, in partnership with IICSI, IPLAI, and the Schulich School of Music, a group of leading ...
Event Pascal & Aurélie Baltazar: Les Baltazars - Creating dynamic sculptures with fluid materials and digital intermedia composition instruments
Artistes interdisciplinaires, Les Baltazars créent des œuvres sensitives. Le séminaire aura lieu en français et en anglais. The Baltazars are a duo of ...
Event Amnon Wolman: Composing space and social context as part of the sound
A Research Seminar presented by CIRMMT RA4 (Expanded musical practice).
Event Fred Rees: Music technology as the means to connect research in music cognition, neuroscience, and the neurocognition of music for professional practice
Event Richard King: Bernstein Mass: A high-profile recording with a limited budget
Event Annelies Bockstael: Turning noise into sound: a neuro-audiological perspective on improved perception, functioning and well-being in challenging auditory conditions
Event Monty Adkins: The electronic music of Roberto Gerhard
Event Robert Gjerdingen: Gjerdingen reviews Gjerdingen
Robert Gjerdingen presents a talk on his research followed by a public lecture on CIRMMT and the Digital Humanities.
Event Esteban Maestre: repovizz: A framework for remote storage, visual browsing, annotation, and exchange of multi-modal data
Esteban Maestre presents a talk on the software tool repovizz.
MCML@CIRMMT: Shaping freedom in electroacoustic improvised music // Sculpter la liberté dans l'improvisation électroacoustique. A workshop presented in ...
Event John La Grou: Studio of the Future: 2020-2050
The McGill Audio Engineering Society and CIRMMT present a talk by John La Grou on the evolution of audio electronics.
Event Insook Choi: What does emergent behaviour have to do with performance interface?
Event An afternoon of seminars
With Jeremie Voix, ETS; Cléo Palacio-Quintin; Jonathan Sterne, McGill University; Tiago Falk, INRS; Rachelle Chiasson-Taylor, LAC; and Cory McKay, Marianopolis ...
Event CANCELLED: James Clark: Developing Music Synthesis Systems using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)
Event Jaroslaw Kapuscinski: Composing and performing audio-visually
Event Jan Tro: Some experience in music performance analyses
Event Christopher Haworth: Ear as instrument: Sound at the limits of audition
Event Mark Applebaum: "Mousetraps, Metaphysics and Straitjackets: Ontological Problems in the Composition and Performance of Mark Applebaum's Music"