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CIRMMT Student Symposium 2012 - List of Presenters

The CIRMMT Student Symposium takes place annually, on the day of our General Assembly. Students present their recent work in the form of oral presentations, poster presentations, demos or performances. Proposals are chosen by the Student Executive Committee in order to present a broad picture of CIRMMT research, from musical compositions to computational algorithms./Le symposium Etudiant du CIRMMT a lieu chaque année, le jour de l’Assemblée Générale. Les étudiants y présentent leurs travaux récents sous forme de présentations orales, posters, démonstrations et concerts. Les travaux présentés sont choisis par le Comité Exécutif Etudiant et visent à représenter la vaste étendue des recherches menées au CIRMMT, des compositions musicales aux algorithmes informatiques

CIRMMT Student Symposium 2011 / Symposium Etudiant du CIRMMT 2011

To view the abstracts / Lien vers les résumés: Student Symposium Abstracts

General Assembly and Student Symposium 2012 overview


9:00-10:20am Oral Presentations 1/ 09:00-10:20 PRÉSENTATIONS ORALES 1

  • 9:00 - Frédéric Chiasson: Koechlin's volume interdisciplinary project: Results in scientific research, composition and computer-aided orchestration
  • 9:20 - Amandine Pras: World-renowned record producers reflect upon the future of the profession
  • 9:40 - Patrick Saint-Denis: Musique mixte au-delà du paradigme électroacoustique/instrumental
  • 10:00 - Sibylle C. Herholz, Emily B.J. Coffey and Robert J. Zatorre: Short-term piano training changes the neural correlates of musical imagery and perception - a longitudinal fMRI study


10:20-11:20am KEYNOTE ADDRESS / 10:20-11:20 CONFÉRENCE INVITÉE

  • Daniel Levitin: Measuring Musical Expressivity

11:20am-12:40pm Demos and Posters/ 11:40-12:40 DÉMONSTRATIONS ET POSTERS

    • Mahtab Ghamsari and Beavan Flanagan: Study of mapping on performance development for digital musical instruments
    • Lauran Jurrius: High resolution surround recording: Mahler 3
    • Benjamin Reimer and Marlon Schumacher: Corpus-based techniques for instrumental writing in computer-aided composition
    • Francesco Tordini: Towards an augmented auditory saliency map. Experimental challenges and first results.
    • Audrey-Kristel Barbeau: The Performance Anxiety Inventory for Musicians (PerfAIM): a new tool to assess self-perceived music performance anxiety in popular musicians
    • Felix Fréderic Baril: Audio Representations of Psychological States [2] - Audio examples
    • Gregory Burlet: NEON.js: Neume editor online
    • Emily B.J. Coffey, Sibylle C. Herholz & Robert J. Zatorre: Effects of long-term musical training on neuronal correlates of auditory imagery
    • Meghan Goodchild: Peak emotional responses to orchestral gestures: An analysis of continuous and retrospective ratings
    • Philippe Hamel, Douglas Eck and Yoshua Bengio: Multi-timescale principal mel spectral components for automatic annotation of music audio
    • Mike Klein: Multi-voxel pattern analysis for decoding musical category representation in the brain
    • Brett Leonard and Padraig Buttner-Schnirer: The objective & subjective differences in DAW Math
    • Charalampos Saitis: Investigating consistency in verbal descriptions of violin preference by experienced players
    • David Sears, David Weigl and Jason Hockman: Investigating beat salience: a reaction-time approach


12:40-1:40pm Lunch / 12:40-13:40 DéJEUNER

1:40-3:00pm Oral Presentations 2/ 13:40-15:00 PRÉSENTATIONS ORALES 2

  • 1:40 - Eric Smialek: Becoming the beast: Musical expression in the extreme metal voice
  • 2:00 - SongHui Chon: Investigation of the effect of timbre saliency on instrument blending and voice recognizability in counterpoint music
  • 2:20 - Andie Sigler: How to be an AI composer
  • 2:40 - Terri Hron: Locating the work and its meaning: searching for notation and common ground between instrumental performers and electroacoustic composers

3:00-3:20pm Coffee break / 15:20 Pause café


3:20-4:20pm Keynote Address  / 15:20-16:20 CONFÉRENCE INVITÉE

  • Miller Puckette:  Design choices for computer instruments and computer compositional tools