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DIY Mash Up

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live@CIRMMT presents a concert by inventors/performers featuring their work on musical instruments/interfaces they themselves have built.

Quoi ?
  • live@CIRMMT
Quand ? 23/02/2018
du 19:30 au 21:00
Où ? Tanna Schulich Hall, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke Street West.
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DIY Mash image

Inventors/performers gather for a circus of improvised noises and solos, featuring musical instruments/interfaces they have built themselves.

Free admission.

Programme / Program

The complete program notes can be downloaded in PDF: DIY Mash Up program notes

  • Le deuil de l’empreinte (2017) de/by Kevin Gironnay
    • Alexandra Tibbitts, harp; Sara Marie Balsom, voix/voice

Improvisation Kevin Gironnay, Alexandra Tibbitts & Jean-François Laporte

  • Imaginary Trainscape (2018)* de/by Ana Dall’Ara-Majek & Takuto Fukuda
    • blablahTrains: Ana Dall’Ara-Majek, le Theremin augmenté/augmented Theremin; Takuto Fukuda, le contrôleur gestuel/gestural controller

Improvisation blahblahTrains & Jean-François Laporte

  • Improvisation (2018)* de/by OrkID
    • OrkID: Ivan Franco, The Mitt; Ajin Tom & Harish Venkatesan, Flexsynths; Tiffany Matraxia, T-Stick; Travis West, Linnstrument

Improvisation OrkID & Jean-François Laporte

  • Scratch & Feeds (2013) de/by Jean-François Laporte

Improvisation Jean-François Laporte et al.

* Création / World Premiere
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