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Special event - Hanson Hsu, inventor of ZR Acoustics® design paradigm: Quantum mechanics and future acoustics theory and application

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This lecture is an AES McGill Students Section and SSM initiative.

Quoi ?
  • Special Event
Quand ? 04/11/2015
du 19:00 au 20:00
Où ? Tanna Schulich Hall, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke Street West.
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New theories suggest all particles in the universe, regardless of size, exhibit quantum behavior, not only sub-atomic particles. Their potential for dramatic positive effects on the human auditory experience is extraordinary, notably in electro-acoustic applications.

DHDI’s Zero Reflection technology (ZR Acoustics®) applies quantum theory to air molecules and consequently sound. The result: Life-Like Acoustical Imaging, Wall-to-Wall sweet spots and natural, musical frequency response. No room equalization, bass traps or DSP. Universal Mastering and Yahoo Music Playa Vista are facilities fully equipped with ZR Acoustics® quantum technology. Lecture topics include a history of acoustics, studio design, quantum theory and ZR Acoustics®.

About Hanson Hsu                           

Hanson Hsu was reared in a family of scientists, musicians, architects and diplomats. Inherently artistic and curious, he self-authored a bachelor’s degree in “Creative Sound Technology” encompassing music, theatre, film, physics and psychology at Binghamton University’s Innovative Projects Board. 

Career highlights include Jr. faculty at Cornell University’s Theatre Department, FOH/Monitor Engineer with Maryland Sound, Schubert Systems, UCLA Royce Hall/Wadsworth Theater, Chief Engineer at Westlake Audio Studios, Sr. post production engineer at Sony Pictures Entertainment and CEO/Principal of DHDI and Nomad Arc Inc. DHDI was founded as a vehicle for inspired works of acoustics and architecture in 1997 with Nomad Arc incorporating in 2014, offering affordable, high-end, modern, transportable building structures.

Mike Shipley’s impossible request for the perfect rectilinear-shaped studio in 2005 inspired Hsu to create the ZR Acoustics® design paradigm which ushered in a new era of acoustical performance, technology and research. 

Hsu designs acoustics and architecture while inventing future creative technologies in the Marina Del Rey area of Los Angeles, California.


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