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improv@CIRMMT: Duets

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Since 2014, CIRMMT students have organized a series of concerts devoted to electro/acoustic improvisation. All CIRMMT members, particularly students, are welcome to participate in this series.

Quoi ?
  • Special Event
Quand ? 24/03/2017
du 21:00 au 23:00
Où ? Café Resonance, 5175a Av. du Parc, Mile End
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The improv@CIRMMT nights are a series of concerts devoted to electro/acoustic improvisation with musicians from the CIRMMT community. 

Doors open at 8:30PM.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1403308173072467/

FEATURING (subject to change)

Ivan Franco, Eric Lewis, and Juan Delgado (trumpet, electronics, and cello)

Takuto Fukuda, Ana Dall'Ara Majek (Arduino device and theremin): "Blabla Improvisation" 

Ensemble Ilea (Kevin Gironnay and friends) (Instruments and Computer)

Ofer Pelz, Preston Beebe (piano, percussion, and feedback system): "Whim"

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