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The Science and Technology of Music


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Causerie déjeuner techno: Sound, music & health

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This workshop is a collaboration between CIRMMT, PROMPT and TechnoMontréal. It is free and open to all. Registration is required.

Quoi ?
  • Research Workshop
Quand ? 15/11/2017
du 08:15 au 10:00
Où ? A832, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St. West
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Space is limited; register now to ensure your seat! Registration - Causerie: Déjeuner Techno


This breakfast networking event, sponsored by PROMPT and TechnoMontréal, aims to present some of the CIRMMT member's research and also start a conversation between academia and industry peers on health-related research topics. 

Breakfast will be provided by PROMPT and TechnoMontréal.


For abstracts, please click here: Causerie déjeuner techno - Abstracts
  • 08:15-08:30 - Welcome address by PROMPT and TechnoMontreal
  • 08:30-08:45 - Presentation of CIRMMT
  • 08:45-09:30 - Research snapshots by CIRMMT members on the theme of Sound, Music & Health:
    • Alexandre Lehmann, McGill University: Music for the hearing impaired
    • Olivier Valentin, ÉTS: EARtrodes: Towards a wireless in-ear custom-fitted brain computer interface
    • Rachel Bouserhal, ÉTS: The “Radio-Acoustical Virtual Environment” (RAVE): improving communication for workers wearing hearing protection devices in noisy industrial environments
    • John Sullivan, McGill University: Designing for accessibility - The Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI)
    • Audrey-Kristel Barbeau, UQAM: Music and stress: The ups and downs of a (complex) relationship!
  • 09:30-10:00 - Tour of CIRMMT laboratories
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