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CIRMMT 2009-2010 Student Award winners announced

Seventeen CIRMMT students will receive awards to pursue nine interdisciplinary research projects over the coming year.

Winners of the 2009-2010 CIRMMT student award funding include:

  • Absar, Rafa/Sinclair, Stephen
  • Benovoy, Mitchel/ Salimpoor, Valorie
  • Bernays, Michel
  • Bert, Parker/Britton, Eliot/Donald, Erika - winners of this year's CIRMMT Director's Interdisciplinary Excellence Prize
  • Hockman, Jason/Malloch, Joseph
  • Leoaard, Brett/Sikora, Grzegorz
  • Kim, Monseok/Saitis, Charalampos
  • Leblanc, Jimmie/Toninato, Ida
  • Tirovolas, Anna

More details about our student award funding can be found here:

Student Awards