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CIRMMT members well-represented in SSHRC awards

Congratulations to our many CIRMMT members whose hard work and dedication has been recognized through their reception of SSHRC grants in a variety of categories. 

(Note: for the sake of brevity, only principal applicants/co-applicants with a link to CIRMMT were included in this list. For the full list of SSHRC funding recipients, please visit the SSHRC website).

SSHRC Partnership Grant

Stephen McAdams, project director; co-applicants: Caroline Traube, Catherine Guastavino, Ichiro Fujinaga, Martha de Francisco, Robert Hasegawa: Analysis, creation and teaching of orchestration (ACTOR) – received $2.5 million in funding

SSHRC Partnership Development Grants

Andrea Creech (Université Laval), principal applicant, co-applicants: Isabelle Cossette, Audrey-Kristel Barbeau, Aaron Liu-RosenbaumCreative later-life in a digital age: Mobilizing music and creative technologies for inclusive later-life musical learning and participation, creative expression, digital literacy, and quality of life

Sandeep Bhagwati (Concordia University), principal applicant; Ichiro Fujinaga, co-applicant: Technologies of notation and representation Tenor network

Catherine Guastavino, principal applicant; Annelies Bockstael, co-applicant: Sounds in the city: a cross-sector partnership to makes cities sound better 

SSHRC Insight Grants

Robert Hasegawa, principal applicant; Stephen McAdams, co-applicant: Composing timbre in contemporary music

Lisa Barg, principal applicant; Richard King, co-applicant: Collaborative creativity: Sound recording and music making

Richard King, principal applicant; Wieslaw Woszczyk, co-applicant: Towards an immersive interactive music listening experience: Auditory design, techniques and methods for recreating the three-dimensional immersive presence of recorded musical performances

Gary Scavone, principal applicant: Resurrecting the Messiah: Development, evaluation, and performance of a virtual acoustic replica of Stradivari’s Messiah violin

SSHRC Connection Grants

Robert Hasegawa, principal applicant, co-applicants: Guillaume Bourgogne, Philippe Leroux, Pierre Michaud: International Conference on Mixed-Music Pedagogy 2018 (ICOMMP-2018)