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Dr. Caroline Palmer receives GRAMMY Museum Grant

Dr. Caroline Palmer among 15 recipients of the USD$200,000 GRAMMY Museum Grant Program.

On July 10th, the Grammy Museum announced the 2019 winners of its Grant Program, which included our very own Dr. Caroline Palmer. Her project at McGill University with Signy Sheldon and Rebecca Scheurich will test people's memories for rich auditory detail in real-world events, measuring brain activity of musically trained and untrained individuals, and addressing the link between musical training, imagery, and autobiographical memory. Dr. Palmer is the head of the Sequence Production Lab (SPL), where the project will take place. Its main goal is to investigate the behavioural and neural foundations (learning, memory, motor control, attention) that make it possible for people to produce auditory sequences, such as playing a musical instrument or speaking.

The GRAMMY Museum Grant Program is funded by the Recording Academy and provides support for a number of music-related research as well as various archiving and sound preservation projects. To date, the program has awarded over USD$ 7.5 million to more than 400 grantees. According to the GRAMMY Museum's Executive Director, Michael Sticka, the projects funded are "at the forefront of exploring music's beneficial intersection with science" and "exemplify the Museum's mission to uphold music's value in our lives and shared culture."

For more information, please visit: The GRAMMY Museum Grant Program.