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Enactive Workshop takes place at McGill University

This unique event marks the first visit to Canada of the European Enactive Network team and presents a rare opportunity for Canadian researchers to network with their European peers and for the general public to learn about the most recent research developments overseas.

The ENACTIVE Network, a European Union VIth Framework project comprising 22 world-class research institutions in Europe, one in the USA, as well as the Sound Processing and Control Laboratory at McGill University, will hold their 2nd annual workshop in Montreal May 25-27 2006.

The ENACTIVE Network is a four-year, 5 million Euro research project that integrates European researchers for the development, dissemination, and standardization of innovative interfaces and interaction schemes, based on the new paradigm of Enactive knowledge, which proposes a closed link between action and perception. Canadian researchers have the unique opportunity to collaborate with the best European researchers working on topics related to "enactive" (i.e. action-driven) interfaces and to gain increased international recognition in the areas of haptic devices, perception and cognition, multimodal integration, sound analysis and re-synthesis, and interface design.

Sessions at this workshop will include presentations on theoretical issues on Enactive interfaces, technology, human studies, and applications. European researchers will present their latest work during an open workshop at the Tanna Schulich Hall in McGill University's New Music Building. A total of 24 research papers and a workshop on novel technologies will be presented.

For more information on the Enactive workshop, please visit the workshop's website at: http://www.music.mcgill.ca/musictech/spcl/ENACTIVE and the Enactive Network website: https://www.enactivenetwork.org

McGill's participation in this Network is funded through the MDEIE.