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Home News Marlon Schumacher to present "Inside Out" as part of Montreal en Lumiere / Nuit Blanche

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Marlon Schumacher to present "Inside Out" as part of Montreal en Lumiere / Nuit Blanche

CIRMMT student Marlon Schumacher will present the networked intermedia installation “Inside Out” as part of the Montreal en Lumiere / Nuit Blanche festival in the Goethe-Institut, Montreal, on Feb 28, 2015.

InsideOut promo OneCreated together with McGill Music Technology alumni Graham Boyes and prospective PhD student John Sullivan, the installation aims to confront the spectator with the conflicting ideologies on topics of privacy, freedom and communication exemplified by internet culture. A photo booth and telephone booth equipped with custom electronics serve as interaction terminals gathering and processing media from visitors to create an audiovisual environment in three interrelated rooms.

InsideOut promo Two













Sound and image of spectators are transformed through various technologies controlled by people’s interactions: Real-time 2D/3D graphics rendering on multiple projection screens, computer vision, STT/TTS, topological spatialization and descriptor-based audio synthesis. Results of this process are broadcasted via a live twitter feed on will be webcasting the event.

The installation will be complemented by a performance of the Cologne-based Ensemble Musikfabrik of compositions by Schumacher as part of the Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques festival.

With friendly support of CIRMMT, IDMIL, DCS.