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The SRMR Toolbox released

The SRMR Toolbox is an open source MATLAB toolbox for objective measurement of speech quality, intelligibility, and room acoustics characteristics.

The speech-to-reverberation modulation energy ratio (SRMR) is a non-intrusive metric for speech quality and intelligibility based on a modulation spectral representation of the speech signal. The metric was proposed by Falk et al. and recently updated for variability reduction and improved intelligibility estimation both for normal hearing listeners and cochlear implant users.

This toolbox includes the following implementations of the SRMR metric:

  • The original SRMR metric (used as one of the objective metrics in the REVERB Challenge).
  • The updated SRMR metric, incorporating updates for reduced variability.
  • A fast implementation of the original SRMR metric, using a gammatonegram to replace the time-domain gammatone filterbank. The fast implementation can also optionally use the updates for reduced variability.
  • A version tailored for cochlear implant users (SRMR-CI).

These implementations have been shown to perform well with sampling rates of 8 and 16 kHz. They will run for other sampling rates, but a warning will be shown as the metrics have not been tested under such conditions.


To obtain the code, find it here on GitHub: https://github.com/MuSAELab/SRMRToolbox.

These materials can also be found on the CIRMMT website at: http://www.cirmmt.org/research/tools