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Florian Meyer and Marc Matter lecture/demonstration: Circular sequencing systems - notation and ergonomics

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Florian Meyer and Marc Matter (of Institut für Feinmotorik / The Durian Brothers) will present a lecture and demonstration of recent developments in hardware and software relating to circular sequencing systems.

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When May 29, 2014
from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Where A-832, New Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke Street West.
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This lecture - demonstration will delve into the history of circularity in music production and will show some of the recent developments in software based on this concept. The main focus of this talk will be the blurring line between notation, sequencing, and synthesizing, which will be demonstrated hands-on with custom-made hardware consisting of prepared turntables, such as the Octogrammoticum [1], and software tablet devices, such as TORUKU [2]. 

Throughout the history of musical notation there have been various propositions for circular notation paradigms. Circular time representations reveal certain advantages and drawbacks compared to the dominant linear notation systems. In hardware, however, the line between notation, programming, and functional parts of sequencing machines are often blurred. 

Today’s availability of fast computers and the wide range of sequencing interfaces enable artists and researchers to consider and compare circular- and linear notation from a more cognitive / aesthetic perspective. Circular interfaces for musical applications and instruments have recently gained greater popularity [3]. This talk will address questions such as: What is the potential of circular sequencing systems? Which advantages do they offer in terms of recognition, interaction, and functional efficiency? How can we evaluate these differences in musical contexts, and are they bound to certain musical genre or styles?









Florian Meyer (*1976, Berlin) and Marc Matter (*1974, Basel) are the founding-members of the ensemble INSTITUT FUER FEINMOTORIK (IFFM) [4] and the club music group THE DURIAN BROTHERS [5]. Together with Stefan Schwander (aka Harmonious Thelonious) they run the DISKANT label. Since the mid-90s, this ensemble has produced artistic works in different formats and media, mostly in the fields of acoustic/sound art and music, in particular exploring the potential of prepared turntables (vinyl record players) for 'abstract turntablism.' Besides live-performances and record releases, they have collaborated with art institutions such as the ZKM (Centre for Arts & Media-Technology), STEIM, Jan Van Eyck Academy (Maastricht) and many others. In 2011, Meyer and Matter received the Karl-Sczuka Award for radio art for a production for the German Broadcast Service SWR2. As a satellite project, Marc Matter uses the turntable to produce contemporary sound poetry as a solo artist. He works as assistant professor for Music & Text at the Institute for Music and Media in Düsseldorf (Germany). Florian Meyer is also active as the solo-artist DON’T DJ, exploring different techniques for polyrhythmic music production and live-performance.  

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