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Leon van Noorden: "Sequential auditory integration and human locomotion"

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Leon Van Noorden is a researcher at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM), University of Ghent.

  • Seminar
When Apr 24, 2008
from 04:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Where Strathcona Music Building, 555 Sherbrooke St. West, C-209
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The seminal book of Albert Bregman on Auditory Scene Analysis had not yet appeared at the time of my dissertation research (1970-1975). One of the major difficulties that I had was to come to grips with the concept of a sequence of tones that form a “Gestalt” of tones “belonging” together. This Sequential Integration, as coined by Bregman, has not received as much attention as the “Differentiation” aspect.

A number of experiments show that this sequential integration process is characterised by a resonance process with a broad peak near 2 Hz.

This resonance process can explain several phenomena such as subjective rhyhmisation, the data on tapping along to polyrhythms and the histogram of musical tempi. Confronting these findings with the measurements of the Temporal Cohence Boundary may indicate where pitch movement detectors may play a role.

Recent publications have linked this resonance with the human locomotion process. I will present results of our Walking on Music experiments that confirm this resonance. It has become the basis of a whole series of experiments in our institute related to Music and Movement.

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