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improv@CIRMMT Cobra

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As of 2014, CIRMMT students have began organizing a new series of concerts devoted to electro/acoustic improvisation. All CIRMMT members, particularly students, are welcome to participate in this series.

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  • Special Event
Quand ? 04/02/2017
du 21:00 au 23:00
Où ? Café Resonance, 5175a Av. du Parc, Mile End
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The improv@CIRMMT nights are a new series of concerts devoted to electro-acoustic improvisation with musicians from the CIRMMT community. A second concert will be held Friday, March 24, 2017 (9:00-11:00pm), and will take place at Café Resonance (5175a Av. du Parc, Mile End). 

The Facebook event for this concert can be found here: http://bit.ly/2ku6rxw


Vahram Sargsyan, Kevin Gironnay, Pierre Michaud, Brice Gatinet, Eric Lewis, Preston Beebe, Uri Kochavi, Julie Delisle, Louise Campbell, Sylvain Pohu, Raphaël Tristan, Eric Lewis, Cléo Palacio-Quintin, Terri Hron, Juan Sebastian Delgado, Taksto Fukuda, Jeremy Chignec, and Ofer Pelz.

Cobra (1984): John Zorn (1953-)

Cobra (1984), by John Zorn (1953-), is an unpublished musical composition for a group of musical improvisers and a prompter. Devised of a pre-conceived system of detailed rules but no pre-conceived timeline of events, this piece uses a set of cues notated on cards to direct the musicians on how to proceed.

Due to the lack of traditional musical notation and unknown instrumentation, as well as the use of improvisation, this piece may sound very different performance to performance.

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