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The Colloquial Colloquium - Meeting #11

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The eleventh meeting of CIRMMT's new series — The Colloquial Colloquium — dedicated to help students through open discussions, feedback, troubleshooting, and community building.

Quoi ?
  • Colloquial Colloquium
Quand ? 09/03/2020
du 17:00 au 19:00
Où ? A832, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St W
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Student Colloquial Colloquium


The next Coco meeting will feature a presentation by Nicola Giannini. Check the details below.


I will talk about my acousmatic immersive piece Eyes Draw Circles of Light. This work explores specific aspects of the unconscious that characterize the brief moment when we are about to fall asleep. Through sound spatialization, I created a multidimensional unconscious representation that evokes the relationship between psyche and body. I underlined the fast and involuntary body movements, hypnic jerks, that may occur at that time. The work is a collaboration with the artists Elisabetta Porcinai and Alice Nardi, who wrote a poem for it, and aims to find a balance between elegance and experimentation, femininity and masculinity. The text was interpreted by Porcinai. I'll present some sound spatialization strategies, showing how my approach is influenced by spatial auditory perception studies.
Light refreshments and beer will be provided.  


Nicola Giannini is a sound artist and an electroacoustic music composer based in Montreal, Canada. His practice focuses on immersive music, both acousmatic and performed. His works have been presented in Canada, Usa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, UK, Germany, UK, Sweden, and Italy. His piece Eyes Draw Circles of Light won the first price at the JTTP 2019 competition organized by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, and it received an honorable mention at the Fundación Destellos 2019 Competition. His piece For Hannah was chosen as a finalist in the Città di Udine 2018 International Competition. Originally from Italy, Nicola holds a master’s degree in Electroacoustic Composition from the Conservatory of Florence. He is a doctoral student at the Université de Montréal under the supervision of Robert Normandeau and is presently a research assistant with the Groupe de recherche en immersion spatiale (GRIS).

About the series

The Colloquial Colloquium is an informal monthly meet-up where CIRMMT student members get together for open discussion, feedback, troubleshooting, snacking, and community building. The aim is to provide a welcoming, low-key, and inclusive forum for the CIRMMT student community to gather each month. If you have a talk you'd like to test in an informal, supportive setting; or a discussion topic you'd like to see covered during one of the upcoming colloquiums, please take a moment to send an email to yuval.adler[AT]mail.mcgill.ca

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