improv@CIRMMT is a series devoted to electro-acoustic improvisation, organized by CIRMMT student members

improv@CIRMMT is a series devoted to electro-acoustic improvisation.
Events are free of charge and explore a variety of approaches to contemporary improvisation.

Date/Time: March 9, 2023 at 7 pm

Venue: La Marche à côté 

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Erich BARGANIER - Taqsim Rast Do

  • Erich Barganier, oud
  • Ying-Ying Zhang, real-time diffusion

Ben CAREY - _derivations

  • Tommy Davis, Saxophone
  • Maryse Legault, Clarinet

Takuto FUKUDA - Super Colliders

  • Tommy Davis
  • Maryse Legault
  • Erich Barganier

A selection of pieces from the Digital Score workshop including works by John Cage, Cat Hope, Craig Vear and others


erich.jpegErich Barganier is a composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida who currently resides between New York City and Montreal. He writes chamber, orchestral, film, solo instrumental and electronic music that explores experimental technology, the edge of noise, improvisation, generative processes, and new forms of notation. His music has been released on People Places Records, [walnut+locust], Belts and Whistles Records, Infrequent Seams, Off Latch Press, Nebularosa Records, Pleroma Records, NOUS Records, and Janus Music and Sound.

yingyingzhang.jpgYing-Ying Zhang is a music technology researcher and sound engineer. She is the first woman to be admitted to the Sound Recording PhD program at McGill University, where she is projected to graduate in 2024. She has experience in both on-set and post-production film sound, including "The Family Robinson" which placed 3rd in the 2017 PGA Make Your Mark competition, and "Better Dead Than Red" which received a sound design award from the Southern Shorts Festival.  The AES Education Foundation named her the 2019 Bruce Swedien “Music First” Scholar, and she is involved in two CIRMMT Student Award-winning projects as well as one ACTOR project student grant. Her current research explores spatial audio, timbral blend, and soundscape design tools.