TENOR 2018: 4th International Conference on Technologies of Notation and Representation

Four research centres and networks (matralab, MilieuX, CIRMMT, Hexagram) spanning three Montréal universities (Concordia, McGill, UQAM) will co-host the 4th International Conference on Technologies of Notation and Representation (acronym: TENOR) from May 24 to 26, 2018.

TENOR 2018

The first three TENOR conferences (2015 Paris, 2016 Cambridge, 2017 A Coruña) have established the growing relevance of emergent technologies of notation and representation for a wide range of musical practices: composers, performers, theoreticians, performance researchers, historians, ethnomusicologists, archivists etc.

The term “Technologies of Notation and Representation” encompasses the two principal modes of approaching performing arts by way of another medium: in order to either provide performers with a set of references or instructions that guide their performance (notation); or in order to de-ephemeralize (mostly: visualize) performance praxis for offline analysis or archiving (representation).

The core conference will be three-days long, one day at each university. In keeping with methodologies of research-creation, there was a call for scores alongside the call for papers. Works selected will be presented in workshop concerts / readings by well-known local ensembles such as Ensemble Supermusique, Ensemble ILÉA, and CLOrk (Concordia Laptop Orchestra). 


We will also offer, in parallel, a 5 day Performers’ Lab, for performers from all traditions interested in expanding their practice by performing scores that use new notational technologies. The workshop (max. 12 musicians) will be led by Terri Hron. Registration has just opened. 

Each day of the conference will feature a keynote talk and a concert.

For complete information on the conference and to register please visit the TENOR 2018 website

The program details can be found here: TENOR 2018 program.

May 24 @ McGill/CIRMMT 

LOCATION (9:00am-7:30pm): Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St. W., H3A 1E3

KEYNOTE: Cat Hope (Monash University, Melbourne)

  • Cat Hope is a composer, musician, artistic director and Professor of Music at Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University.

CONCERT (7:00pm): CLOrk Concordia Laptop Orchestra @ McGill: Tanna Schulich Hall, Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St. W.


May 25 @ UQAM

LOCATION (9:00am-6:00pm): Salle d'experimentation d’Hexagram-UQAM, 4ème étage, local SB-4105, Pavillon Sciences Biologiques de l'UQAM, 141, avenue du Président-Kennedy

KEYNOTE: Elliott Sharp (New York)

  • Composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Elliott Sharp leads the projects Orchestra Carbon, SysOrk, Tectonics and Terraplane. His work has encompassed the use of fractal geometry, chaos theory, algorithms, genetic metaphors, and graphic notation.

CONCERT (6:00pm): Elinor Frey, Felix Del Tredici, Jessica Tsang, Ensemble ILÉA @ Concordia: Black Box dance studio, MB 7.265, John Molson Building, 1450, rue Guy


May 26 @ Concordia

LOCATION (9:00am-8:00pm): Concordia Conference Center, 9th floor, John Molson Building, 1450, rue Guy

KEYNOTE: Valarie Williams (Ohio State University, Columbus)

  • Valarie Williams serves as associate dean for Outreach and Engagement for the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State University, and is professor of dance,  restaging, notating and designing content for dance documentation projects.

CONCERT (8:30pm): Ensemble Supermusique @ Concordia: Black Box dance studio, MB 7.265, John Molson Building, 1450, rue Guy 


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