CIRMMT @ Université de Sherbrooke

CIRMMT @ Université de Sherbrooke

The first edition of CIRMMT@UdeS will happen on May 21st 2024, and will include arts/engineering visits, talks, and demonstrations.

*For those attending from Montreal, a bus will leave CIRMMT, 527 Sherbrooke Street West, for Sherbrooke at approximately 8:00am and will return at around 8:00pm.


To register for this event and to reserve a spot on the bus, please reserve your place here:


The last three letters of CRASH will be used to describe the themes:

  • Acoustics (room acoustics, acoustics of musical instruments)
  • Signal (capture [microphone antennas, ambisonic microphones, full-field vibration measurements], restitution [loudspeaker arrays])
  • Human (instrumentalist, listener)

These three themes will be linked to three of CIRMMT's research axes (except research axis 2: Music information research).


Three workshops are currently planned:

  1. Ambisonics in engineering vs. ambisonics at the École de musique => visit and demonstrations of the two ambisonics installations.
  2. Robotics and music => using a robotic drum / Arduino to do mini-concerts at the École de musique—what is robot audition?
  3. Instrumentalists and premises => cross-concerts between semi-anechoic and reverberant rooms playing the same short piece => effect of the room on instrumentalists and listeners, brainstorming.

These workshops will be rotated to allow smaller groups to interact better. At the same time, short visits and demonstrations would be offered at the School of Music and the Faculty of Engineering in connection with CIRMMT's axes.

A debriefing hour will be kept at the end of the day, to extract ideas and potential projects to initiate.


At lunchtime, a conference involving a double bass luthier (who makes carbon-backed double basses) and the Bruand school of lutherie will be organized. We'll be discussing the choice of materials vs. the work of the luthier vs. the perception and needs of the instrumentalist.

A buffet lunch will follow the conference.