IAM-CIRMMT series, #8: Gameloft - Creating sound for mobile games

This workshop is a collaboration between CIRMMT (RA1 - Instruments, devices and systems) and Interactive Audio Montreal. It is free and open to all. Registration will be required.



Event starts at 6pm, doors open at 5.45pm.
Space is limited; registration is available via EVENTBRITE [LINK].



Interactive Audio Montreal (IAM) and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) have joined forces to organize a series of cutting-edge events on the new frontiers of interactive audio: techniques, trends, challenges.
Now in its Second season!
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IAM/MAI #8 Opening statement (M.S. Poirier, F. Tordini)

The New Frontiers of Interactive Audio - Creating Sound for Mobile Games: a roundtable with GAMELOFT Audio Team

IAM@CIRMMT Series, Season Two.

About this meeting:
Creating sound and music for video games is an art, and its impact on players is undeniable. Video games are everywhere: on our consoles, computers, and on the mobile devices in the palms of our hands. You would think that sound and music are handled the same way in every situation. But several techniques and processes become more strategically demanding in the context of mobile devices due to their small size.
At the Gameloft Audio Team, a large portion of our work consists of optimizing the integration of our sounds to fit within the often-tiny space available to us. We will share our techniques, tips, and ideas about what to prioritize before and after creation: formats, compression, quality, quantity, structure, type of device, etc.
The presentation will be a round table where we will present our methods and encourage audience members to take part when they wish.
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Speakers: rich roster from GAMELOFT!
  Kim Derome (Composer)
  Alexandre Rivaud (Sound Designer)
  Sébastien Ménard (Audio Manager)
  David Jalbert (Sound Designer)
  Étienne Marque (Lead Sound Designer)
  Jorge Peirano (Audio Director)

[Speakers Full Bios (EN/FR) >>here<< ]

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