Workshop in Digital Musical Instruments with Pamela Z
Pamela Z performing on the Resonant Bodies Festival at Roulette Intermedium, NY, USA photo: Gretchen Robinette

Workshop in Digital Musical Instruments with Pamela Z

A workshop with guest artist Pamela Z for students working with Digital Musical Instruments

This workshop is free and open to the general public, no registration is required to attend. 


In this workshop, guest artist Pamela Z will discuss her own performance practice, and then give feedback to student presenters working with Digital Musical Instruments. 

This workshop will consist of both presentations and demonstrations. Presentations will be a series of 5-minutes short talks followed by a discussion. Pamela Z will contribute to the discussions by giving us her comments and feedback. Demonstrations of different DMI set-ups will then occur during the coffee breaks. Attendees will interact with the demonstrators in a relaxed setting with coffee or tea.


16:30-16:50: Pamela Z
16:50-16:55: Marcelo M. Wanderley: Pre-Historic NIME
16:55-17:00: Christophe Lengelé: Spatial sound creation and improvisation with the SuperCollider open source tool Live 4 Life
17:00-17:05: Benjamin Lavastre: Interaction Strategies in Mixed Pieces with Karlax
17:05-17:35: Discussion
17:35-17:50: Coffee break with demonstrations
17:50-17:55: Ziyue Monica Piao: Sensing the Body
17:55-18:00: Tommy Davis: improvising with musical agents and the eTube
18:00-18:05: Takuto Fukuda: T-Patch for T-Stick Digital Musical Instrument
18:05-18:10: Paul Buser: T-Tree
18:10-18:15: Discussion
18:15-19:30: Coffee break with demonstrations