2022-2023 Distinguished Lecture and live@CIRMMT seasons announced!

2022-2023 Distinguished Lecture and live@CIRMMT seasons announced!

June 15, 2022

We welcome you to save the dates for our upcoming Distinguished Lecture series and live@CIRMMT concert series.

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Save the dates

We are currently finalizing our upcoming Distinguished Lecture series, and are looking forward to a return to our regular in-person format with receptions to follow!

All lectures will take place on Mondays at 5:00 p.m. in Tanna Schulich Hall followed by a reception in Wirth Lobby.

Please save the following dates: (please note that the following information is subject to change)

Sept. 12 - Andrew McPherson [RA3] Queen Mary University of London, UK
Oct. 3 - David Lindlbauer [RA1] Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Nov. 7 - Carol Krumhansl [RA3] Cornell University, USA
Nov. 21 - Simon Dixon [RA2] Queen Mary University of London, UK
Jan. 23 - Pamela Z [RA4] Composer, USA

Additional lecture in Winter 2023 to be determined.

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Save the dates!

We also are please to announce our upcoming live@CIRMMT season, with all concerts to take place in the Music Multimedia Room.

Please save the following dates: 

Nov. 18, 2022 -
Charles Nichols: Liberosis & Sonder
I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara: Works for Gamelan and electronics

Dec. 9, 2022 -
Monique Jean - Miss Take
Kevin Gironnay - Déambulations
Tommy Davis, Vincent Cusson, Greg Bruce, Maryse Gagnon-Legault, Kevin Gironnay, Quentin Lauvray - New currents in augmented winds
Paul Buser, Linnea Kirby - An inaugural performance of the t-Tree

Jan. 26, 2023 -
Kalun Leung - Collaborative Artworks for Mubone
Pamela Z - TBA

Apr. 21, 2023 -
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - TBA
Barbara Finck-Beccafico - Poésie de l'ADN