CIRMMT announces new Associate Director of Scientific and Technological Research

CIRMMT announces new Associate Director of Scientific and Technological Research

March 02, 2023

CIRMMT is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Rachel Bouserhal from École technologie supérieure as CIRMMT’s next Associate Director of Scientific and Technological Research, as of March 1st 2023.

She will be replacing Prof. Jérémie Voix, who served in this role from 2017 - 2023.

Rachel has been a regular member of CIRMMT since June 2021. She has a keen knowledge of CIRMMT, having participated as a student member for 7 years during her PhD and postdoc studies, under the supervision of CIRMMT members Prof. Jérémie Voix and Tiago Falk. Throughout her membership she acted as a student coordinator for Research Axis 1 and served as the CIRMMT student representative from 2016 to 2017.

Her work on in-ear speech enhancement is a granted patent in the US and has received several awards including ÉTS’s “Most Promising Invention Award” and the Mitacs NRC-IRAP “Award for commercialization” in 2018, as well as the Québec Science “Invention of the Year Award” in 2019. Recent research grants as a principal applicant include a NSERC Discovery Grant in 2021 and a MITACS Accelerate in 2022. Rachel Bouserhal was recently appointed Associate Professor (“professeure agrégée”) at ÉTS and was awarded a 5-year Research Chair Marcelle Gauvreau ($500k) for her project Multimodal health monitoring and early disease detection with hearables.

We warmly welcome Rachel into her new leadership role at CIRMMT! We would also like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Jérémie for his contributions in guiding CIRMMT over the last six years, and for his leadership in developing our formal relationships with ÉTS and the industrial sector.