live@CIRMMT presents Bill Seaman

Recombinant Poetics in musics and images by media composer Bill Seaman.

Bill Seaman will also present a Distinguished Lecture on December 13th in Tanna Schulich Hall at 4:30pm. More information can be found here: Bill Seaman, Duke Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, USA: Recombinant music - Generative approaches

Free admission. 


All works composed by Bill Seaman.

More complete program notes can be found here: Bill Seaman program notes

  • S.he (1983)
    • Video work
  • The Epiphanies (2017)

Canadian premiere

    • Generative improvisation
  • Erasures and Displacements (2017)
Canadian premiere 
    • Generative improvisation



Bill Seaman is a composer, musician, and media artist. He early on explored interactive and generative music (which he refers to as Recombinant Music, a sub-domain to his interest in Recombinant Poetics). He has been in multiple bands and collaborations. His own albums, SEA — Thoughtbody, and Songs and Dances of the Neosentient, as well as his album Entry with ATTSEA (working with Rafael Attias), are available on SoundCloud. He collaborated with Daniel Howe on an album entitled Minor Distance [Remixes by Craig Tattersall - The Boats, The Humble Bee, The Remote Viewer] (link available at; and collaborated with with John Supko on a project entitled S_TRAITS. Seaman and Craig Tattersall released a major project under the band name – The Seaman and the Tattered Sail called Light Folds. Seaman has also done numerous soundtracks for his media works. His recent solo release on Eilean Records is entitled Erasures and Displacements. He earlier released a solo album with Eilean entitled f(noir). Currently, he is working on two new albums, a solo album for Fluid Audio called The Epiphanies, and a new album of cover songs with Craig Tattersall on which he sings, entitled On the Precipice of Tears, also by The Seaman and the Tattered Sail. Supko and Seaman have been commissioned by Duke University (Mary Biddle Foundation) to create an experimental generative opera which will premier in 2018, entitled The Oper& (pronounced The Operand).

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