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'Sounds in the city' reaches Boston

CIRMMT members Edda Bild and Daniel Steele present project concerning the development and impact of urban soundscapes in Boston.

Last September 10th, Sounds in the City, one of the projects developed in collaboration with CIRMMT, left its mark in the city of Boston. Through a seminar titled 'The sounds of Boston & beyond: Hearing the sonic dimension of cities,' the presenters Edda Bild and Daniel Steele, both CIRMMT members, accompanied by Erica Walker from Boston University, led a discussion on the development and impact of urban soundscapes. The event was part of BU Initiate on Cities, which aims to "engage with urban leaders, academics, and policy makers from around the world to help plan for the development of essential services and sustainable infrastructure necessary for cities to flourish." 

After a soundwalk across Boston, different questions were raised in a discussion on soundscapes in urban planning: "How does the urban environment influence how we use and understand cities?";"Noise can negatively impact our mental and physical health but can sound also promote our sense of well-being?";"And what efforts have been done to shape and manage the future of urban sound?".