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Facilities & Services


CIRMMT has 720 m2 of space on the eighth floor of McGill University's Schulich School of Music's Elizabeth Wirth Music Building with offices and laboratories. The offices house the Centre's administration and technical services, as well as visiting scholars. The remaining office space is allotted on a rotating, time-limited basis to researchers using the common lab spaces for specific collaborative projects.

CIRMMT’s six central laboratories are a shared resource for interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects and are available to all members of the Centre. The six laboratories have been designed with specific acoustic characteristics in order to maximize the variety of functionalities of the available research spaces.


CIRMMT Services is a special unit that offers technical services to external partners.
For more information please contact [services AT cirmmt DOT] and download our brochure
A list of past collaborations is available in the Industry Collaboration page.


  • Lab 1: Spatial Audio Lab. Measurements, room acoustics, diffusion, instrument directivity, transducers spatialization, and room acoustics perception.
  • Lab 2: Critical Listening Lab. ITU standard room with multichannel and stereo audio, critical listening, evaluation, and technical ear training research.
  • Lab 3: Performance and Recording Lab. Recording of individual performers, motion capture measurements of respirology and performer movements, virtual reality applications.
  • Lab 4: Audiovisual Editing Lab (Maurice Pollack Foundation). HD video editing, preparation of test materials, PR and demo preparation, content for archiving, viewing/listening space.
  • Lab 5: Immersive Presence Lab. Multi-speaker audio, motion capture, multimodal display and presentation.
  • Lab 6: Perceptual Testing Lab. Experimentation on music and sound perception.
  • HexaGRIS studio, Université de Montréal: As of September 2013, the HexaGRIS studio located at B-188-1 at the Faculté de Musique of the Université de Montréal has become part of the CIRMMT shared infrastructure. This composition and research studio is equipped with a 16 + 2 speaker system setup in the shape of a dome and includes several control surfaces and related audio equipment. This resource is available to the CIRMMT community and is booked through the Université de Montréal (CIRMMT members should visit the booking site for more information).


Download the CIRMMT User Guide.

Research Labs Associated with CIRMMT

BRAMS Laboratory for Research on Brain, Music and Sound (Université de Montréal)
CAML Computational Acoustic Modeling Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
DCS Digital Composition Studios (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
DDMAL Distributed Digital Music Archives and Libraries (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
GAUS Groupe d'Acoustique de l'Université de Sherbrooke
Haptics Laboratory (Faculty of Engineering, McGill University)
IDMIL Input Devices and Music Interaction Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
LIAM Laboratoire d'informatique, acoustique et musique (Faculté de musique, Université de Montréal)
LMPCE Laboratory for Music Perception, Cognition and Expertise (Faculty of Science, McGill University)
LISA Laboratoire d’Informatique des Systèmes Adaptatifs (Faculté des arts et des sciences, Université de Montréal)
MARLAB Multichannel Audio Research Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
MATRALAB MusicMovementMedia-Art-TheatreTheory-Research-Agency (Concordia University)
MIL Multimodal Interaction Lab (School of Information Studies, McGill University)
MPCL Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
PLAB Isabelle Peretz Research Laboratory (Faculté des arts et des sciences, Université de Montréal)
RTML Real-Time Multimodal Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
SPL Sequence Production Lab (Faculty of Science, McGill University)
Shared Reality Laboratory (Faculty of Engineering, McGill University)
SPCL Sound Processing and Control Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
Studio A Studio Techniques Laboratory (Schulich School of Music, McGill University)
ZLAB Auditory Processing Laboratory (Montreal Neurological Institue, McGill University)