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The Science and Technology of Music


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2017-2018 Award Recipients

Student Award Recipients (Group Projects)

  • AndrĂ© Martins de Oliveira & Katelyn Richardson (CIRMMT supervisor: Isabelle Cossette)
    • Project title: The Kinectic-Kinematic-Physiological-Musician (KKPM) Database Project
  • Matthew Boerum, Jack Kelly & Diego Quiros (CIRMMT supervisors: Ilja Frissen, Richard King & Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: How do virtual environments affect localization and timing accuracy when panning audio sources three-dimensionally?


Student Award Recipients (Single, Interdisciplinary Projects)

  • Pierre Grandjean (CIRMMT supervisors: Alain Berry & Philippe Aubert-Gauthier)
    • Project title: Spherical microphone array design fabrication and testing based on ambisonic approach and Lebedev grid for spatial audio
  • David Rafferty  (CIRMMT supervisor: George Massenburg)
    • Project title: Structured Cell
  • Johnty Wang (CIRMMT supervisors: Marcelo Wanderley & Eric Lewis)
    • Project title: Mapping Interface for alternative control of pipe organs for extended performance practice