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The Science and Technology of Music


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2006-2007 Award Recipients

Recipients of the 2006-2007 CIRMMT Director's Interdisciplinary Excellence Prize


  • Chloé Dominguez, Heather Hindman, and Mark Marshall (joint project: The Digital Orchestra.  The work being conducted involves the investigation of vibro-tactile feedback in digital musical instruments).

2006-2007 Student Award Recipients

  • Chloé Dominguez (CIRMMT supervisor: André Roy)
  • Heather Hindman (CIRMMT supervisor: Denys Bouliane)
  • Antoine Lefebvre (CIRMMT supervisor: Gary Scavone)
  • Mark Marshall (CIRMMT supervisor: Marcelo Wanderley)
  • Joe Malloch (CIRMMT supervisor: Marcelo Wanderley)
  • Susan Rogers (CIRMMT supervisor: Dan Levitin)
  • Andrew Stewart (CIRMMT supervisor: Sean Ferguson)
  • Doug Van Nort (CIRMMT supervisor: Philippe Depalle)
  • Yon Visell (CIRMMT supervisor: Jeremy Cooperstock)
  • Mark Zadel (CIRMMT supervisor: Marcelo Wanderley)
  • Jean Mary Zarate (CIRMMT supervisor: Robert Zatorre)