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The Science and Technology of Music


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2007-2008 Award Recipients

Student Award Recipients (Group Projects)


  • John Ashley Burgoyne and Jane Hatter (CIRMMT supervisors: Douglas Eck and Ichiro Fujinaga.  Other supervisor: Julie Cumming)
    • Project title: Optical music recognition on early manuscripts with adaptive hidden Markov models: An exploratory study of the Alamire scriptorium
  • Heather Hindman, Xenia Pestova and Stephen Sinclair (CIRMMT supervisors: Sean Ferguson and Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Mapping, with a view to composing and performing
  • Sean Wood and Jean Mary Zarate (CIRMMT supervisors: Douglas Eck and Robert Zatorre)
    • Project title: Analysis of behavioral measures and neural correlates of vocal pitch regulation


Student Award Recipients (Single, Interdisciplinary Projects)


  • Mitchel Benovoy (CIRMMT supervisors: Jeremy Cooperstock and Stephen McAdams)
    • Project title: Emotional data capture and mapping using biofeedback devices
  • Bruno Gingras (CIRMMT supervisor: Stephen McAdams.  Other supervisor: Peter Schubert)
    • Project title: Expressive strategies and performer-listener interaction in organ performance
  • Avrum Hollinger (CIRMMT supervisors: Marcelo Wanderley and Robert Zatorre)
    • Project title: fMRI-compatible electronic musical instruments
  • Rodolphe Koehly (CIRMMT supervisor: Marcelo Wanderley.  Other supervisor: Theodorus Van de Ven)
    • Project title: Preliminary experiments to use paper as a sensitive media support for computer music
  • Doug Van Nort (CIRMMT supervisors: Philippe Depalle and Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Adaptive control of sound processing
  • Yon Visell (CIRMMT supervisors: Jeremy Cooperstock and Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Modeling and applications of the dynamics of gesture-based input and sensory feedback