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The Science and Technology of Music


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2011-2012 Award Recipients

Recipients of the 2011-2012 CIRMMT Director's Interdisciplinary Excellence Prize


  • Benjamin Reimer and Marlon Schumacher (CIRMMT supervisors: Sean Ferguson, Fabrice Marandola, Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Corpus-based techniques for instrumental writing in computer-aided composition 


Student Award Recipients (Group Projects)


  • Padraig Buttner-Schnirer and Brett Leonard (CIRMMT supervisor: Richard King.  Other supervisor: André White)
    • Project title: Subjective difference in musical capture systems: A survey of digital audio engine performance
  • Beavan Flanagan and Mahtab Ghamsai-Esfahani (CIRMMT supervisors: Sean Ferguson, Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Analysis of the role of mappings in performance development and in the creation of works for digital musical instruments
  • Jason Hockman, David Sears and David Weigl (CIRMMT supervisors: Ichiro Fujinaga, Catherine Guastavino, Stephen McAdams)
    • Project title: Sensing the beat: A computational model of beat salience

    Student Award Recipients (Single, Interdisciplinary Projects)


    • Félix Frédéric Baril (CIRMMT supervisors: Denys Bouliane, Fabrice Marandola)
      • Project title: Representations of psychological states in a dynamic sound-field; A research on the possible representations of psychological states inherent to insanity in a live mixed music environment
    • Frédéric Chiasson (CIRMMT supervisors: Stephen McAdams, Caroline Traube.  Other supervisor: Isabelle Panneton)
      • Project title: Validating Koechlin's orchestration system with auditory science to compose for orchestra and create
        algorithms for automatic orchestration
    • Song Hui Chon (CIRMMT supervisors: Sean Ferguson, Stephen McAdams )
      • Project title: Investigation of the role of timbre saliency in blending and orchestration 
    • Meghan Goodchild (CIRMMT supervisors: Stephen McAdams, Jon Wild)
      • Project title: Construction and perception of peak experience in music listening
    • Teresa Hron (CIRMMT supervisors: Sean Ferguson, Caroline Traube)
      • Project title: Composing for the "idiomatic" performer: Creative collaboration and technology in musical practice
    • Amandine Pras (CIRMMT supervisors: Catherine Guastavino, Caroline Traube)
      • Project title: Tacit knowledge for artistic direction of musical recordings
    • Charalampos Saitis (CIRMMT supervisors: Luc Mongeau, Gary Scavone)
      • Project title: Acoustic analyses, measurements and modeling of string instruments
    • Eric Smialek (CIRMMT supervisors: David Brackett, Philippe Depalle)
      • Project title: Unheard screams: Analyzing musical expression in extreme metal vocals
    • Francesco Tordini (CIRMMT supervisors: Stephen McAdams, Jeremy Cooperstock)
      • Project title: An augmented auditory saliency map